Rob From Rich and Give To The Poor is Immoral, but giving the rich an unfair advantage in a free society is Pure Evil – The Downfall of Robinhood Markets, Inc – January 29, 2021,

So the company Robinhood Markets Inc which as of the date of this publication is owned by Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, have unnecessarily dug themselves a hole. Hopefully, these shortsighted individuals received a huge payout from the Hedge fund managers they saved, because, I assume moving forward, life is going to change for these two men and their associates.

I’m getting up there in age, however, when I talk to what is currently being labeled Generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) Millenials, as well as people in the Gen X range (Born after 1965), will have hell to pay if they keep screwing over young people.

If this sham parading around as climate change is ever exposed, as the socialist fraud that it is and young people start to realize that all this climate change hoax is, is a means to help old people like me get a comfortable retirement while people born after 1996 do all the heavy lifting, understand that if the youth figure out this fraudulent welfare scheme, it is game OVER for the establishment!

Now, as small as the reader of this post might think the GameStop, Robinhood, Hedgefund scheme is, understand that the gamer community is different, I’ve talked to these kids, they’re different, different in the sense that when I’ve talked to them, I’ve considered some of them as potential revolutionaries.

What’s that you say, some lazy kid playing video games all day is a revolutionary, that’s preposterous? So yeah, you’d be wrong, a lot of these kids are playing video games because old people have priced them out of the MARKET! A lot of these kids are at home living with mom and dad not because they want to be, but because of existing CORPORATE WELFARE programs, that won’t allow the FREE MARKET to deflate and get rid of outdated ideas!

Oddly enough this artificially high cost of living dates back to Barack Obama, Janet Yellen, and Joe Biden. I’ve written about it before and I’ll write it again Donald Trump may in fact be the luckiest man on the planet losing the 2020 election. Because if it’s one thing I know about America, it has a history of rebelling against the establishment.

If something isn’t done about this GameStop fraud, something organic might come out of this. During Joe Biden’s reign as vice President of the United States, there was the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protest. If people remember the progressive politician Barack Obama bailed out Wall Street, but as I like to point out, Barack Obama was very likable, he was cool, he was the first Black President, but he was more than that, YOUNG people wanted him to succeed!

Joe Biden in my opinion has one thing on his side and that’s CLIMATE CHANGE! Without climate change, Joe Biden will be exposed as a corporate shill, when I talk to a lot of these kids, they’re way past racism, using racism to scare people into submission is dead, racism is an old relic and most of these younger generations know when they’re being hustled.

However, a lot of these kids for the first time are going to see blatant corruption up close which is going to make them question the legitimacy of the Government establishment. It would be wise for Joe Biden to get ahead of this GameStop situation and correct it somehow.

Because this story is spreading like wildfire and Gamers have communities all over the world and again, I have to remind the reader, this is America we’re talking about. But I’d like to also point out, that pensions are now at risk, which is really at the heart of this because what’s actually been exposed is that the youth can now destroy pensions.

In case people forget, the real reason why this market is being propped up and why the government is fighting deflation is because of pension obligations. Based on what I know about the markets, I can imagine that the calls Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt received to prevent the buying of GameStop stock revolved around pensions.

I hope the reader is beginning to understand what climate change is all about (The Pension Crisis). The powers that be are trying to socialize EVERYTHING Because governments all over the world are BROKE! Yes, even China is broke, governments all over the world have made promises that can’t be financed if interest rates are ever normalized.

Now, I don’t want to complicate this post, but I think it’s ironic that it appears that the Gaming community has stumbled onto the reason why Hedge Fund managers have been making a killing since the Obama administration. I don’t own GameStop stock, I’m an old crusty dividend investor, but what this Reddit group actually discovered was the straw that broke the camels back, because you see these Reddit groups can now repeat this process over and over again, and if the government sides with the hedge fund managers or the establishment, all of sudden, you’ll have an entire generation of YOUNG people who know the markets are rigged.

Now, it will only take these kids a little more investigating to understand that it’s the Federal Reserves’artificially low-interest rates and money printing that’s destroying their lives. Deflation, normal interest rates, and cheaper prices BENEFIT YOUNGER PEOPLE!

Imagine you made the same amount of money, but your cost of living went way down because you didn’t have to finance the retirements of old people like me?

That’s what these kids will eventually figure out and once they figure it out, they’ll realize that the only sham standing in their way is this climate change hoax! This oddly enough is where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to run into some problems, because when I say that climate change is a hoax, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do something about saving the planet, what I’m referring to are the government solutions to saving the planet.

Labor Unions as I’ve stated over and over again, are INTERNATIONAL now, the heads of Unions in many ways are making young people poorer, and when you understand how all of this revolves around the PENSION crisis, everything starts to make sense, when politicians speak, you start to see what and who they’re trying to save, then eventually you’ll figure out why the government wasn’t supposed to be in the markets, to begin with.

Now to be fair, most people don’t want to know the truth and will convince themselves that the welfare state is worth saving, but based on my observations people born after 1997 are different, it’s just a matter of who will be the generation that says enough is enough and I’m not going to live my entire youth as a slave to those old broke bastards who voted for the government to finance their retirement using entities like hedge fund managers.

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Interesting times ahead!