Review – Is it a scam?

Six Figures in Six Months is a coaching program established by Rob Benwell, an internet marketer. As the name implies, this program aims in teaching anyone how to make a six-figure income in just six months. Benwell claims that he was able to do this and so can you. Further, the materials shared by this person were said to be products of his trial and error.

More about Six Figures in Six Months

In order to gain access with the training materials of Rob Benwell, you need to pay a certain amount. However, once you have signed up and paid, you will immediately gain access to its written, audio, and video materials. Benwell claims that you will watch over his shoulders as he’ll show you how he was able to earn a six-figure income. There is no guarantee from the program that you will earn such sum on the same pace as his.

The written materials from this program can be downloaded and there are fresh video tutorials too every month. Benwell and his staff also welcomed questions from members through email.

Final thoughts on Six Figures in Six Months of

Internet marketing is a tough business. Many successful internet marketers will tell you that it takes time for them to establish a steady income and a reputation in the industry. If you wanted to become one, you need to study and learn the skills needed in the competitive world of internet marketing. As with the coaching program, it has gained quite positive reviews from its members.

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