SaleHoo vs Shopify – Why This Small Drop Shipping Focused Company Has both of them beat

To start Dropshipping online is an e-commerce retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock and instead outsources that responsibility to someone else. As a drop shipper, you’re the middle man and for the record, you do not need to be online to be a drop shipper there are thousands of businesses, that do drop shipping offline, they might call themselves consultants or affiliates, what makes drop shipping online so fabulous is that a person can literally automate the entire process.

When I write about automating the entire drop shipping process I’m usually referring to AliDropship because there’s no other website online that makes the process easier.

Whether you’re in Canada, the United States, Australia, or the U.K AliDropship answers all the demands people have when they want to get into dropshipping.. I’ve joined and been a member of both Salehoo and Shopify, I’m still a member of Salehoo and the problem with Salehoo is that it leaves much to be desired when you join Salehoo and take them up on their upgraded features, you’ll eventually find yourself stuck and not only will you find yourself stuck but because of the energy you wasted on building your Salehoo store, it will be a daunting task to change your business.

With Shopify, the problem everyone has with Shopify is are the APPs, extra money for this APP, extra money for that APP, if you don’t take the annual Shopify plan, your features become limited, so although the start-up costs for Shopify are a lot less than it will be for AliDropship your monthly costs will eat away at your profits before you even get started.

Most of the people I know who make money on Shopify, spend a lot of money on PAID advertising costs and campaigns, this is where AliDropship has everyone beat because AliDropship uses WordPress after you spend the money necessary to build your website, it’s a gravy train after that.

There are no unnecessary monthly costs with AliDropship after you’ve purchased your store. All the APPS in-house are enough to make you thousands of dollars per month on AliDropship . Although AliDropship focuses on China, you’re not stuck or forced to sell Chinese-made goods, once you master the AliDropship software you can sell locally.

Unlike Shopify you’re not forced to host your website on the AliDropship platform, if you want separate hosting you can do that, with Shopify they have you locked and boxed, once you join them, you’re not going anywhere any changes Shopify makes you’re stuck because WordPress is open-sourced, there are a lot of woocommerce plugins to choose from and remember that once you join AliDropship they’ve done all the hard work for you. I highly recommend that when you join AliDropship that you consider a Premium Dropshipping Store which doesn’t use woocommerce but also makes everything very simple for you to start and make money.

Their Premium Dropshipping Store focuses on a niche so that you can focus your advertising budget better as well save money importing items because when your store is focused on a handful of goods people in search of those goods will come looking for you directly. Although Shopify and Salehoo are good options, based on my reviews AliDropship is a far superior option on several fronts, in fact, it’s not even close.

Unless your purposes for using Shopify are to easily integrate into the Walmart platform I don’t see any reason to use Shopify. Now that everyone is competing with Amazon for fulfillment centers, you’re beginning to see the shift in the dropshipping model, but as an owner of an online store, you do not want to be tied down to Amazon or Walmart, because at any time they can destroy your business. So if you’re looking for an alternative consider AliDropship. Best of luck in your dropshipping business.

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