Review – Is it a scam?

I’m sure most of you reading this can already see the scam in place being offered who are clearly trying to promote As most of you can tell the fast talking sales man on the video is trying to get people to rush into investing into sycamore options.

Personal thoughts regarding binary options

Personally I’m not a big fan of binary options however what I will say to anyone reading this is if you’re going to sign up for a Binary options website I highly recommend joining one that is regulated.

At the moment the only fully regulated binary options trader that I know of in 2013 is Empire Options so if you want to get into this type of investment I would advise people to go there first. Also the deposit amount at Empire Options is only $100! As stated in other posts I’ve written I highly recommend that people read about binary options on the wikipedia website or visiting The binary options website to learn more about how this stuff works.

That will give people a broader understanding of what their getting themselves into. In my humble opinion there is no such thing as a safe investment it’s even been proven in recent years that the stock and real estate markets were not as safe as people initially thought. Things really do fluctuate in any market and binary options really do give speculators their own platform.

Final thoughts regarding

It should be noted that is promoting that’s the sole purpose of that website so any questions you have concerning sycamore options should be addressed by contacting them using the contact link at Again I want to point out that at the moment the only binary options site I will recommend is Empire Options primarily because they’re the only ones regulated by European Union.

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