Review – Is it a scam?

SaySo4Profit, which you can find at, is a company founded in 2005. It claims to help people find good market research opportunities. It is a not a market research company itself. What it does is more of directing its members to the more profitable way of doing these paid market research opportunities.

More about SaySo4Profit

Market research opportunities are no longer new. In fact, several companies are partnering with market research companies to help them find qualified subjects who can give their opinion and help them in their market research process. These opportunities can be in the form of paid surveys, group studies, survey panels, and many more.

SaySo4Profit is not your typical company as it claims to be helping people for free. They claim that by signing up, they can help you find surveys that are worth $10, opportunities to be part of a group study that pay a good amount of money, and many more.

Final thoughts on

Market research opportunities are legit ways to make money online. But it’s hard to say if the company SaySo4Profit is as legit as what it claims to be. Because basically, you won’t be earning that much on market research opportunities. Yes, you may be able to find paid surveys for $10 a piece but opportunities like that are rare. This is why they say market research opportunities are only for those looking for an extra income from home and not for those who are looking for something that can replace their full-time job.

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