Scam Free Stuffing Envelopes Business


The Stuffing Envelopes Home Based Business

Although Stuffing envelopes from home sounds like the perfect way to make money from home many find it allot more harder and competitive than they thought. The truth about Stuffing envolopes is that 99.9% of the time the companies require you(the envelope stuffer) to give an upfront payment just to get started.

Why? well you’ll be dealing with personal items, this is commonly known as the registration fee, also even with this registration fee your NOT guaranteed any work the Stuffing envelopes business is very competitive. Another thing is you will need to have all the supplies needed to get started. When you fill out the form there certain tools you must have, combined these tools can cost a person $1000+ usd.

Another thing is that industry is very very competitive and at this moment there established small business that are controlling many aspects of the stuffing Envelopes business. Further more most companies that need these services done know who to call and who will save them the most money. I’m not telling you this to discourage you i’m telling yo this to let you know what you would be getting yourself into.

In this day and age you will need a team of professionals and you will have to know how to market yourself as well as your company to the companies that will require your services.

The Stuffing Envelopes work at home Jobs

I would be very careful when joing any Stuffing envelopes work at home jobs in the paper or online. Many times what these companies do is they send you packet of where to go to find work at home jobs they even might sometimes tell you what to say and so forth but most of the times those sources are outdated or not available in your area, not to mention those companies that they refer to you usually require some sort of deposit from you before you even get started.

Ontop of this they do not guarantee you any work. Many times i’ve seen advertisements in the paper say “envelope stuffers needed” and they ask you to send them some money, i can almost guarantee you if you fall for this you will regret it because you will first have to pay them and then you’ll have to pay the companies and from that you will have to wait to be called and many times jobs especially your first jobs wont pay more then $200 and i have to remind you, you will be a dime a dozen it becomes a game of chance at that point

Also many of these companies get shut down quite frequently to me it just doesnt make any sense, unless your corporate entity. If you want to make money online for free I highly recommend you try the programs listed below

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5.) last but not least get paid to read emails

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