School Choice For Black Ontarians who FEEL discriminated against: Advocates in Toronto demand equity in education for Black students in Ontario – August 8, 2021,

I feel bad for black kids, many of them are being used as political tools for Leftist adults who failed as community leaders and n many instances are failures in life. Most of the WORKING black people in Ontario are pretty successful, namely those black Canadians working in the private sector, but those public sector blacks, many of them are looking for free unearned benefits from the government.

When they can’t get free benefits from the Federal Government they go to the Provincial government, it’s embarrassing to watch and it’s even more embarrassing to listen to, but the worst part of it is the children. It’s hard for me to watch adults use children as props.

Some will argue it’s about absent fathers, sure that’s an EXCUSE, but some black people are simply horrible parents. I’ve written about Nigerians in the past, I’ve met a lot of Nigerians with a strong family unit and they tend to do very well economically.

But then there are Black Canadians who grow up on Welfare, and similar to many white people dependent on the government, Blacks dependent on the government struggle economically and they never imagine that their being on welfare is bad for their children’s morale.

Eventually, the child realizes that mom or dad doesn’t have a job and is 100% dependent on the government, kids aren’t stupid. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, kids talk and if their parents aren’t setting the right example, it will be increasingly difficult for the child to take their studies seriously.

Most people dependAnt on the government, don’t own nor do they read any BOOKS! If you go to any human’s house who has been on welfare their entire lives, the homes often will not reflect a place of learning. Libraries are free, now most libraries even have the internet, there are so many jobs available in Canada, that the Canadian government often has to import workers, many of whom are BLACK!

The term “equity” is the quality of being fair and impartial, well if we’re to be fair, people on Welfare aren’t paying their fair share, people dependent on Welfare are TAX CHEATS, people who require the government to give them special privileges are not being equitable to society as a whole.

The thing to remember is that less than 200 people showed up to this “March for Black Students” and it’s important to know that there have even been marches in Toronto for all sorts of Left-Wing ideas, that often go unreported because they’re preposterous.

This march most likely got picked up by the CBC because of clickbait CBC struggles to get any viewers and Blacks and Muslims appear to get the most eyeballs, because the media instead of focusing on the productive blacks and Muslims, instead will focus on the Welfare loving minorities.

I have t remind the reader that Ontario has people of all races and collectively we’re doing quite well, which annoys Left-Wing nut jobs because they need conflict, they need to pin one group up against the other, even if the solution to a problem is obvious, Left winger will request government money for their “just cause” which is what most of these marches are all about.

I don’t mind when adults make fools of themselves, there are a lot of adults who are failures as people, but I feel bad for the kids, I really do because they don’t know that they’re being used as a political prop. School choice solves this supposed problem, there are all black GOVERNMENT schools now, but a lot of Black parents want NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!

Toronto’s Africentric school draws consistent praise — so why is enrolment flagging? | CBC

There’s an old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease these Left Wing Nut job blacks are the minority, not the majority of Black people in Canada. that’s the point I’m trying to make here. The reason why CBC makes sure this article gets to shine is that the CBC struggles to get engagement, nobody cares about the CBC, it’s overfunded and it delivers little if any value.

So the hard-working Black, Brown or White people worthy of having an article written about them are passed on for Left-Wing Nut cases looking to further their political careers. As these Left Wing nut cases attempt to split society, remember they’re the minority and not the majority.

To all the children who are unfortunate enough to be used as political tools for these politically-driven idiots, I feel for you, I’ll continue to pray for you and if you’re wondering why I hate the Welfare State, the article below is one of the reasons. These so-called advocates care nothing about the children or equity, they want WELFARE.

For the record people looking for welfare even exist in the poorest countries, hustlers come in different colors, shapes, and sizes but their motto is always the same, they want to be paid an above-market price regardless of whether there’s a demand for their services.

Advocates in Toronto demand equity in education for Black students in Ontario | CBC

Interesting times ahead