Scotty Kilmer – “People Say I’m Full of Crap About Premium Fuel, Well Watch This” video reviewed

Scotty Kilmer is fabulous and this in no way is a knock on anything he’s done for the YouTube community, but, I have to tell my side of the Premium fuel debate. The moment I started using Premium Fuel I stopped having corrosion problems. Most of the electronic problems you’ll have in your gas-powered vehicle are corrosion-related problems if your mechanic keeps telling you that you have corroded wires, a corroded battery, or the internals of your car are getting very RUSTY chances are it’s because you’re using cheaper gasoline.

Now, here’s the unfortunate reality of using Premium Fuel, you have to keep using it, so if let’s say I’m leasing my car, the cheaper gas might make sense depending on how far you drive and how long your planning to keep the car, maybe you’re a lease trader, no way in hell I’m buying expensive gasoline if I’m going to drive a new car in a year or two. But if you own your car or plan on keeping it, I highly recommend that you CONSIDER Premium Fuel the highest octane possible. I’ve noticed a major difference in all my cars, including my mothers’ car.

My mother similar to most mothers or grandmothers always bought the cheapest gas for her GMC, every 3 months she’d call me and complain about her engine light, this and that, well then I just told her a few years ago, I’ll buy your gas from now on, I did for her SUV what I do for my cars, buy Premium Fuel, viola not a problem since. She drives like an old lady, barely any highway kilometers, still no problems.

Now, if you’re a mechanic or a talented mechanic like Scotty Kilmer corrosion isn’t that big a deal, in fact, you might enjoy problematic cars, but if you’re a regular person who might miss scheduled maintenance, corrosion is a big deal, because one corroded wire will lead to another problem and as problems compound before you know it, your engine light turns on.

Now, in no way do I think Scotty Kilmer is being malicious, I just think he’s being practical and basing the information he’s giving to others on his personal experiences as a mechanic as well as the information he’s learned as a mechanic. There’s nothing wrong with his opinion, I believe it comes from a genuine place. I’m writing based on experiences, I own all my cars outright, and I used to use cheap gas in all of them, I had all sorts of problems until I switched to premium. Not a problem since. Now if you’re going to try Premium, don’t half-step, don’t buy Premium Fuel one week and buy regular fuel the next week, furthermore, try to buy the same brand of premium fuel every time.

I have the convenience of living in Canada, in a major city, I only use Petro-Canada ULTRA 94.