Review – Is it a scam? is a penny auction website founded in 2009. It claims to be among the oldest and most reliable penny auction websites that one could find online today.

What sets Sellmoo apart from other penny auction websites is that it doesn’t have a “reserve price” on their auctions. This simply means that members don’t have to reach a certain price for the auction to be considered over.

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Signing up at Sellmoo is free of charge but you need to purchase bids in order to get started. The bids are priced at 60 cents each and are available in different sized bid packages.

According to its Terms and Conditions, purchased bids will not be refunded by Sellmoo.

Controversy on Penny Auction Websites

Unlike the typical auction site, penny auction websites seem more like gambling rather than auctions. The setup of penny auction sites are more like of a gambling site as when people lose the auction, they lose their money spent to get a chance on winning at it.

Other complaints on these websites include those that claim that some penny auction websites send an item different from what is being offered in its website. Some also don’t really have stock on those items and simply refund those who won the auction but keep the money of those who lost.

Final thoughts on

Penny auction sites can be fun but make sure you’re ready to take the risk when you sign up for one. As for, it ‘s quite a suspicious penny auction website as it doesn’t show the auction progress, not even the items it has unless you purchased its bids. This boils down to the realization that you need to pay at least $24 to check out if they have the items you’re interested in and this is a bad sign.

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