Send a Rogers Text

WARNING!!! sending a text message might cost you or your recipient money. Sending a text online these das means sending an SMS message so do not trust sending a text message to a third party vendor. I used to use this free text messaging service but now they’ve completely changed over to sms. I think thats the new law now to prevent spam, because there was allot of spammers out there i know i wasnt the only one recieving them.

There might be a huge problem in the future because of this because now using a free text messaging service might cost you money. Allot of under age kids send text messages out daily which cause allot of parents to see unexpected charges on there cell phones.

My recommendation & this is only to Canadian cell phone users is to send sms messages from your email address or on the corporate website (example: rogers, fido, bell) to avoid unwanted spam i would just send messages from your email address. Because all of these companies request you add in your email address anyway. So if you have like lets say a windows or yahoo messenger you can send it directly there. Below is all the carriers i know of in Canada i will updat this page if anyone wants some new address i will add the legit ones.

You need to replace the (Recipients 10-digit phone number)with your recipients phone number. Example, If your friend’s number was
416-555-5555 and their cell phone carrier was Rogers, you would send your email to [email protected] Make sure theres no spaces like in the example. ok enjoy

Rogers Wireless: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Bell Mobility: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Fido: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Telus: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Koodo Mobile: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
MTS: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
President’s Choice: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Sasktel: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Solo: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)
Virgin: (Recipients 10-digit phone number)

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