How To Spot an SEO SCAM

First thing that must be made clear is legitimate SEO companies DO NOT and WILL NOT solicit clients. A legitimate SEO company won’t send you emails telling you that they can help you get number 1 in Google. Second thing i would like to point out is that a good SEO company will be listed in google under the search term “SEO Services”. If you want to know if a search engine optimization is good visit google dot com and type SEO services. If you don’t see the company that is soliciting you there in the organic searches then my advice is DON’T Sign up.

Will Search Engine Optimization help my Small Business?

SEO (Search engine optimization) can help your Small Business but in most instances it won’t drastically help your business. It will usually only help your business if the search term you want to be seen under is a high volume search term. Which means allot of people are typing that search term into Google. So lets say Your business name is XYZ Company the truth of the matter is most of the people that type XYZ Company into google will already know about your business. It might help your brand but in terms of bringing you millions of new prospects it typically won’t.

How Much Will Search Engine Optimization Cost Me

Search engine optimization prices depend on a number of factors If you’re looking for professional help in this area my advice to visit to get an idea of how Search engine optimization works in greater detail, The key thing you want to pay attention to is performance if the SEO company can not rank high in the search engines themselves then how are hey going to be able to help you and you’re small business.

If You need SEO help or you’re looking for a trusted SEO provider you can contact Steve at anytime he usually answer all your questions.

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