Review Is It a Scam

Now SEO is very delicate issue, you will notice most people tend to stay away from this area because well it’s every man for him or herself lucky for you I HATE SEO. Why because it’s time consuming and results are nowhere near the results you’ll get in Pay per Click marketing. Watch out!!!

I’ve used SEO before I know my stuff when it comes to SEO; I’ve dealt with good companies and have gone through the bad. The one thing I will tell you with the bad companies is that they usually don’t have phone support. So when I see all types of alarms are going off in my head. Another thing you might want to consider is the small amount of testimonials Service Wrap has considering how long they’ve been online (2002).

Another thing to consider is that Service Wrap has an affiliate program. What a affiliate program means is that people can get paid to refer you to Service Wrap. I’m not saying service wrap is a scam but it may not be as good as it seems to be.

Looking on Service Wraps main page there’s nothing saying they have an established relationship with Google. Good SEO companies usually have a seal that says “Qualified Ad words Company”. Which you can click on and will bring you to Google’s advertising professional’s page found here is MIA (missing in action) in this topic and makes me wonder if they are nothing more than a back linking service.

Are they a fraud?

As a programmer I can honestly tell you how easy it is to pose as a legit SEO company if you have the right contacts. Honestly if I wanted to I could do it myself. Real SEO companies usually have a big team and usually assign you someone specifically of course that person is also going to try to sell you everything under the moon but none the less he is there to help you specifically.

This is my personal blog so it’s not optimized at the moment but when I am selling something specific online I always optimize that website. My process uses both Pay per Click and search engine optimization it’s something many people don’t pay attention to but something I will briefly explain right now. A smart webmaster will pay per click and optimize within the search engine for the specific term he or she wants. Google measures the length people stay on your website and bounce rates etc.

When you pay to get a search term you are actually gaining creditability under those keywords if Google finds that people are enjoying your content under a certain keyword they will reward you and if you SEO your website at the same time under those same keywords you will see your website rise in the rankings. Mind you this will only happen if your website doesn’t have a high bounce rate. I say this and bring you back to because I don’t see anything there regarding Pay per Click marketing a good SEO company ALWAYS has a Pay per Click service.

None the less if Service Wrap is something you want to try out don’t let me stop you think for yourself. Best Wishes!

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