SexyBadChicks Scam

You know i been meaning to write about this before but i been busy let me unveil a curtain before i even begin so you get an idea of what’s going on here. If you go here that should answer most of your questions.

For those of you who don’t want to click the link or who are scared to click the link it’s the exact same page as also if you go to you can find out who is behind it all. Now if my opinion is not enough for you and you still want to push forward I highly recommend you read the terms and conditions before entering your credit card information. They give you a trial membership and after that best believe they gonna take that money.

The site  is just a way to get you to sign up for if you are not aware of amateur match date it’s a dating site well known for having fake girls pretend to like you to sucker you into getting the paid membership.

Although in reality this is really mean i must admit it’s a genius idea lol. As a free member you might get all these girls holler’n at you and then as soon as you pay to sign up and then login as a paid member those same girls are nowhere to be found.

other instances is they flirt with you and never get back to you and then guys will or even insecure girls lol will keep renewing there memberships to hopefully one day get that number or hopefully get laid. I know it sounds cruel but if you sit back and think about you have to admit it’s kind of funny. Now i want to make this clear that there are real people on these sites it’s just from what i know not everyone for whatever reason might not be real.

At the same time don’t let me stop you from joining if you are determined to get laid and think i am c*ck blocking sign right up. You never know you might meet a beautiful hot sexy stripper who will be able and ready. If you are looking for a good online adult dating site you should probably go Here instead. Results will vary If you ain’t got no game sorry bro Best wishes to all you peace!