Review – Is it a scam?

The company GBG, which you can find at, provides an opportunity for multi-level marketing (MLM). It has been established by Stuart Finger. According to him, the company has been around for years now and has already recruited a number of independent contractors. These contractors are recruited to sell the company’s products and refer more people as well in the company.

More about GBG

The company works the same way as with other MLM companies out there. Its products are mainly on the field of health and wellness. Some examples of their products include the Energy Matrix, 10-in-1 Liquid Nutritional Formula, whey protein product, and a filtered water bottle. In order to be part of GBG, one has to purchase its required amount of products each month. Plus, its members are highly encouraged to refer more members in the company.

MLM is a legit form of making money. People earn from it both from selling the products themselves and by referring people into the company. The more products you sell and the more people you refer to the company, the higher is your commission or income.

Final thoughts on

The thing is, MLM is not for everyone. It is for people who have the passion to promote the products being offered by the company and also for those who are comfortable recruiting people into joining the company or for product purchase. If, however, you are keen in this kind of money-making opportunity, it would be best to choose a company that doesn’t demand a monthly minimum purchase of its products.

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