Review – Is it a scam?

Shopping Jobs found at is a website that provides anyone with shop-related jobs. It can be considered as a haven for those people who loves to shop and for those who love the idea of getting paid for doing any shop-related tasks. These tasks include mystery shopping and completing product evaluations which may require one to try or test a product. Signing up in Shopping Jobs is easy and is free of charge.

More about Shopping Jobs

Shopping Jobs is considered to be a third party agency, which means that the website only serves as a medium of which prospective employees and employers meet. The website takes pride on its daily job postings. Once you have decided to apply for a certain job posting, you will be immediately taken to the employer’s website who will then evaluate your qualifications. Some of these companies may require some experience with the certain task.

The jobs posted in Shopping Jobs are more of mystery shopping and product evaluation. Every product evaluation can be completed between 2-15 minutes. Some companies require users to pay for the shipping fee of the product. Some are also reported to having charged the user with the price of the product itself.

Payout is done through PayPal and only takes place once the member reachers $50. The pay is usually given during the 1st and 15th day of the month. There’s no assurance though that you’ll get paid especially if the employer doesn’t like your product evaluation.

Final thoughts on

There are a number of things that make more of a scam than a legit site for jobseekers. One of these is the lack of assurance for employees to be paid despite the fact that they have completed the job. Another factor is the fact that some employers do require certain fees for shipping and sometimes, for the product itself, which shouldn’t be the case. With these, users are encouraged to conduct their independent search on this company prior to signing up.

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