Truckers coming back into Canada from the U.S. will have to show proof of vaccination or face quarantine and testing requirements🤔 – January 13, 2022,

The language coming out of Ottawa appears to show that the Federal Government is terrified of the Truckers opting to quit, but based on the wording, they want to sound like they’re in control of the situation, but based on the wording, from my point of view, it appears that Trudeau government, got a stern talking-to from the trucking community and what Trudeau decided to do is talk tough, while leaving a loophole.

So basically, if you’re a trucker and you’re not vaccinated you’re not going to be fired, but you’ll be forced to quarantine and take the covid test. This obviously leaves the door open for loopholes, but it also leaves the door open for Trudeau to use the bully pulpit and talk tough. By loopholes what I mean is in the U.S recently the CDC recommended shorter COVID-19 isolations.

U.S. CDC recommends shorter COVID-19 isolation, quarantine for all |

If this move by the Federal government fails miserably, I suspect, something like what Joe Biden did in the U.S to come to Canada. Almost everything Joe Biden has tried failed and because Biden is very unpopular and in the back pockets of Big Pharma, the CDC changed isolation periods. Because after all these quarantine periods were fabricated out of thin air.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what will happen, I have no idea, I only have one cousin in Trucking and he’s vaccinated, my personal opinion is that forced vaccinations is beyond stupid, it’s a political stunt to make Trudeau seem tough. In the Leftist utopia, they imagine their leaders to be “strong” and tyrannical. It’s a Leftist wet-dream to make their opposition kneel or submit to their demands and when you’re a Conservative this is problematic because most of us just want the government to leave us alone.

With trucking in Canada, it’s a small voting block, but they’re VERY POWERFUL, if all truckers decided to unite, Trudeau would be powerless, he knows and anyone who likes having food delivered to grocery stores knows it. So as you read the article below, the title says everything, ultimately it’s a game of chicken. The Truckers have all the cards.

‘In for a rough winter’: Ottawa says cross-border truckers must be vaccinated, reversing earlier announcement |

Interesting times ahead!