Shrink Yourself found in is a weight loss website that offers a unique way of helping one lose weight. Unlike other programs in the diet and weight loss market, Shrink Yourself doesn’t focus on diet and fitness, rather, it focuses on the underlying issues that lead to the individual’s bad eating habits like binge eating or overeating. Studies have revealed that emotional issues can lead to these eating problems.

The program has been featured in a number of publications including the Time Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and in MSN, People, and USA Today. It has also been endorsed by Governor Mike Huckabee and the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

More about Shrink Yourself

The program, which has been  proven to be effective and successful base on the medical principles of UCLA, provides 12-week online therapy course to users. The aim of such course is to help dieters determine the underlying cause or causes of their bad eating habits and to their motivation. The course is a combination of quizzes, videos, and more.

The 1st part of Shrink Yourself’ program aims at determining and solving the internal conflicts that exist between the client’s desire to lose weight and her/his attitude towards food and and reasons for overeating. When these issues are resolved, the program will then help the client in keeping her/him motivated to stay on her/his current diet plan through explaining the factors that lead to weight loss success.

The client’s answers on the questionnaires are determined automatically by the computer’s response. This type of communication may not be ideal for those who are looking for a more personal response. Clients, however, are given the chance to speak personally with experts but this opportunity is only for those who have subscribed the whole course.

Final thoughts on

If you’ve been dieting all your life and you still find yourself overweight, then the program from could be the one for you. This program though is not proven to be effective for everyone because most of the responses during the therapy are generated by the computer, a not so ideal option for people who wanted to have a more personal support.

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