More signs of economic DEFLATION: Air Canada Is Making CORPORATE Vaccines Mandatory For Workers Won’t Hire Unvaxxed People – August 29, 2021,

Currently, because of existing welfare programs a lot of private companies have worker shortages, these worker shortages predate the Corporatism virus brought to Canada via the Chinese Communist Party. With that established, prior regulations brought forth by the various governments in Canada made a lot of Canadian think twice about working for particular private companies and the reality of the situation is that the current corporatism virus mandated by the government as a serious health threat is going to have a deflationary effect on the Canadian economy.

Air Canada is making it known that they will be engaging in discriminatory practices which are now almost mandated by the government, this will also serve as a reason for more Canadians to opt-out of the workforce which ultimately could equate to the Canadian dollar losing its purchasing power, which means prices for things in Canadian fiat dollars will rise, which means that more Canadian fiat dollars will buy fewer goods and services, meaning more jobs could be at risk with corporatism virus mandates.


Air Canada Is Making Vaccines Mandatory For Workers & They Won’t Even Hire Unvaxxed People |

Interesting times ahead