More Signs of Economic DEFLATION: Mexico’s state-owned oil company EXPLODES, Canada’s TSX seen rising to record high next year as Loonie projected to lose purchasing power – August 25, 2021,

So yeah, there are a lot of signs pointing to economic deflation and higher prices, as the government has its tentacles in every aspect of the global economy, it shocks nobody that a State-owned Oil company would be inefficiently run, that debacle surprises no one.


Oil spikes as deadly blaze in Mexico slashes output by 420,000 barrels per day |


Regarding Canada, of course, the TSX is going to rise, who n their right mind would think with all of this government that prices in Canada are going to retreat? If prices retreat government would have to be slashed, the two politicians who will lead the way in the upcoming Canadian federal election both promise to protect and even expand the Welfare State, now, obviously this doesn’t mean that every stock on the TSX is going up, but a large chunk of them will, because fiat price deflation is not going to happen if Canadian companies can’t cut costs, the problem with the rise in prices will be the Canadian consumer.

Will the Canadian consumer be able to afford rising costs? I say yes and no, yes because we have a high standard of living, no, because what Canadians will find out in the years to come is that many will see a decline in their quality of life as it will cost more Canadian dollars to purchase fewer goods and services. Higher oil prices will help to contribute to the rise of the cost of living in Canada.

Canada’s TSX seen rising to record high next year – Reuters poll |

Interesting times ahead