Since 2015 Justin Trudeau has been able to DEFICIT SPEND his way out of problems, The Federal Liberal Government and Their Silly Regulations Created The PASSPORT shortage – June 26, 2022,

Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, he’s been able to DEFICIT spend his way out of problems, meaning that he hasn’t had to look into the structure of his government. Although the time I’m writing this, people are complaining about Passport offices in some major cities, the truth of the matter is the Federal Government has created a lot of problems that will start to get exposed as it cost more Canadian dollars to fix FEWER problems.

In the article below, a portion of the article stated the following

Last week, Karina Gould, the federal minister of families, children, and social development, said 1,200 employees had been hired or were in the process of being hired to manage the flood of requests surging through Service Canada offices.

There was also talk of borrowing about 200 employees from the Canada Revenue Agency, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and Global Affairs Canada.

Gamache was critical of how Service Canada has managed things, saying the passport problem was predictable.

“The Trudeau government is well aware that Service Canada has been going all out for years,” he said. “In the end, it was logical that this crisis was going to happen, it was foreseeable.”

Crowds flock to Fredericton passport office after long lines in Montreal |

The article above focuses on Montrealers flocking to the Fredericton passport office, which goes to show you that the Federal government isn’t entirely to blame? Yes and No, Passports are a Federal issue, but as I like to point out some Provinces in Canada have a LARGER government workforce than others. Quebec is an utter disaster in terms of its government’s inability to spend within its means, but then there are provinces like New Brunswick which is HEAVILY dependent on equalization/transfer payments.

In Canada, the federal government makes equalization payments to provincial governments to help address fiscal disparities among Canadian provinces based on estimates of provinces’ fiscal capacity—their ability to generate tax revenues.

People who are unaware of how equalization works, the money that is stolen mostly from Western Canada, goes into paying for PUBLIC SERVICES in provinces that struggle to generate revenue from their private sector. When you can define what equalization payments are it’s easier to comprehend what’s going on.

contractions in the economy caused by the pandemic and other forces are flattening economic differences across the country and hastening the creation of new have-not provinces.

The new order would dilute the federal government’s critical $21 billion equalization program – New Brunswick’s most important source of support.

New Brunswick warned it may have to share its lucrative equalization payments |

Both Quebec and New Brunswick are heavily dependent on Equalization, when you look at where New Brunswick is located geographically it’s pretty easy to see that decades of Left Wing politics have led to a culture of LAZY in that province. a culture of laziness tends to equate to an ABUNDANCE of public sector workers because when the private sector struggles, people will usually flock to work for the government.

Canada’s passport system is in CHAOS: Sign the petition to fire Minister Karina Gould | RebelNews

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In Quebec, being that they have a strong secession movement, working for the FEDERAL government might be considered a step down for a lot of Quebecers. When you look at Quebec’s economy, yes it’s heavily regulated for their private sector, but if you’re a private business on the good side of their provincial government, business operations in Quebec can be very lucrative, meaning that working for the Federal government in Quebec, not always people’s first choice.

‘Tough to take’: New Brunswick grabs unwanted title as Canada’s poorest province(2019) |

New Brunswick on the flip side, smaller population and a struggling private sector, equates to their public sector being more appealing to people looking for employment. If you read the CBC article, the New Brunswick Passport office website has a live estimated wait time, something the Montreal office does not have.

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Now, common sense would ask the question, why doesn’t Montreal a city with far more people than Fredericton,not have a live estimated wait time? Well, it’s likely because the best and brightest in Montreal imagine working for the Federal government as beneath them, whereas with Fredericton their private sector offers little to the imagination and therefore more ideas and innovations are considered.

The Fredericton office includes a live estimated wait time on its website, something the Montreal office does not have.

Crowds flock to Fredericton passport office after long lines in Montreal |

Now is this the fault of Justin Trudeau? Of ofcourse it is because as an example his cabinet with all of the money and pensions they’re set to receive should have LONG figured out multiple ways to make ALL of their Federal services more efficient. Why hasn’t the Trudeau government sought to make services more efficient? The answer is in the title of this post, to date, the Liberal Cabinet has had the luxury of THROWING money at problems, not fixing them.

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Even Trudeau’s carbon tax revolves around throwing money at problems, what is the Federal Government building? Are these carbon taxes being used to build a better grid? build made in Canada solar Panel? or Made in Canada Wind Turbines? No, ofcourse not, these carbon taxes are being used to enrich his government which then goes on vote-buying sprees. Justin Trudeau has been in office since 2015? This was a problem in 2015, its why as an example in Fredericton someone figured out a way to make the Fredericton passport office more EFFICIENT.

Interesting times ahead!