Review – Is it a scam? is another penny auction site claiming that one could get brand new and factory sealed items at extremely discounted price. They further claim that savings up to 99% off retail is possible.

The website is no different from other penny auction websites where purchasing bid credits is required before one could take part of the auction. SkoreIt is selling BidPacks and depending on the size, each bid can be bought at a price between 66 and 60 cents.

How SkoreIt works

Every bid you place will raise the item’s price between 1 and 8 cents and will create slight changes in the auction clock, usually extending it between 30 and 5 seconds.

Once you’ve won an item, you have to pay its final auction price and provide your shipping information. You can track all your activities in the website including those auctions you’ve won in your personal page called MySkoreIt.

If you want to take a break but still would like to take part of the auction, you can make use of the site’s BidAgents. This tool will allow you to bid even when you’re not in your computer or on SkoreIt website.

Final thoughts on

SkoreIt may seem to be just another penny auction website but what sets it apart from the rest is its kind of refund policy. When you close your SkoreIt account, all your unused bids will be refunded to the card you’ve used to purchase the bids.

Its huge item discounts may appear to be too good to be true but with the way SkoreIt works, it seems like another must-visit penny auction website.

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