Review is a website created to provide additional support and information for dieters who are in the Slim Fast Program. Created in 1977, Slim Fast started out as a small company but has since grown into one of the most reputable weight loss companies in the globe. In fact, its program has been sold in over 20 countries worldwide. Its growing number of loyal customers, which are now estimated to be in millions, is a living testament that indeed, Slim Fast program is one of the most effective programs in the diet and weight loss market nowadays.

More about Slim Fast

The weight loss program of Slim Fast is described to be relatively easy and simple. Its basic program has been described and popularly known as ‘3-2-1’ mainly because dieters are encouraged to eat 3 small snacks per day (either fruit or slim bars), 2 Slim-Fast shakes or nutrition bars, and 1 healthy and nutritionally-balanced main meal. Studies have revealed that those who joined the program were found out to be 33 lbs lighter than those who have opted to join other programs. was created to help clients of the Slim Fast program a stay motivated and focused on their weight loss goals. It has tons of resources and tools for that purpose. It provides users with fitness plans, BMI calculator, weight loss calculator, weight chart, diary which also serves as a food log, and community support through forums and blogs.

Final thoughts on may not be one of the best website in the diet and weight loss industry but it has quite good resources and tools to help you, especially those who are in the Slim Fast program, shed those extra pounds. It’s the perfect companion for the Slim Fast Program members.

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