Small Basic income rally held at Alberta legislature: The don’t care who the government steals the money from as long as their pockets are stuffed with cash – September 20, 2020,

Universal Basic Income already exists all over Canada, it’s called welfare, what welfare actually is, is it’s a tradeoff for Universal Basic Income, there’s actually another form of Universal Basic Income in Canada, it’s called unemployment insurance, there’s actually even another form universal basic income in Canada it’s called subsidized housing, there’s actually another form of Universal basic income in Canada it’s called maternity leave.

There’s actually another form of Universal Basic Income in Canada it’s called the minimum wage, there’s actually another form of universal basic income in Canada, however, this one doesn’t exist in Alberta it’s called rental controls, there’s also another form of universal basic income in Canada called Universal Health Care.

These are just some of the government UBI interventions in the Canadian economy that cost Canadian taxpayers money, that would otherwise lower the cost of living in Canada while at the same time keeping more Canadian currency in people’s pockets.

Now, I’d personally be willing to get rid of all of the above mentioned Universal basic incomes and replace them with the Government simply giving Canadians a Universal Basic Income Cheque, but that’s not what people who want a UBI are requesting.

What people who want UBI want is for all the current UBI welfare programs to exists while the Government pays them an additional UBI cheque. Now, I have to be honest, I completely understand why the financially illiterate would assume that there is no consequence to a UBI, especially after The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was handed out like candy and there doesn’t appear to be any side effects, yet…

Well, to you Universal Basic Income lovers, don’t you worry, the damaging effects of CERB are on their way and when they crash hits, you’ll understand the stupidity of your argument. Now, what’s interesting about the video below are the career choices of the lady in the video Dana Wylie.

“I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t introduced it. Not only am I a full-time self-employed artist and musician and music teacher but I have two small kids,” said Dana Wylie, who organized a basic income rally in Edmonton on Saturday.

Basic income rally held at Alberta legislature grounds amid looming CERB deadline |

So, even as a young teenager I was told that pursuing a career in the arts was risky and mght not pay off, I like many other young people at one point in my life wanted to be a rockstar, but guess what? I wasn’t good enough! Eventually, I had to come to the realization that I wasn’t anywhere near as talented as I thought, those people on Television selling all the records, they were not only a little better than me, they were a lot better than I could ever be in my wildest dreams.

So eventually the arts became a hobby, not a career choice. Now, humans have the right to pursue anything they want in life, it’s the beauty of living in a free society, but Dana Wylie is the problem with the welfare State.

This is why I don’t like it when the government does data on women earning less money than men. Because the census data includes women like Dana Wylie who let’s be honest by her own admission, probably doesn’t work as hard and provide much value to the MARKET as the average full-time hard working woman.

But if the government were to include her with all the other productive women in Canada, the wage gap between men and women would expand. Not only that, the CERB gave her a sense of security to provide little value to the society. a UBI would reward her for being talentless and do not think that government propped up talentless people won’t have negative effect on a society.

Eventually children grow up and become adults, if younger generations realise that society is rewarding them for stupid life choices, guess what life decisions a lot of impressionable young people will make?

The harsh reality of being self employed is that it’s a daily grind and the market will tell you immediately if your talents are demand. Clearly Dana Wylie didn’t make the right career choices, it’s till not too late for her, but why accept her bad choices when she bet on the government bailing her out.(hmm…Where have I heard that before)

If you’re not being discovered as an artist or the market isn’t paying you more than $500 per week, then clearly the market doesn’t want to see you in the arts. Whenever I go out to private business establishment, I see tons of beautiful women, who I think could be models, and maybe they too would like to be artists, but the reality is, their 9-5 job is what’s paying their bills and although they might hate doing it, their productivity in society is what raises the standard of living for everyone.

Now, if the government is going to reward people for being unproductive or reward people for providing services that aren’t in demand, this will not only lead to unproducivity, but it will also lead to the degradation of society. Because again a reminder that people want UBI on top of all the welfare benefits they already get.

Ask yourself would you be willing to give up Universal Health Care for a Universal Basic Income? Why can’t you have both, you ask? Well let’s see if I were a health care professional and who earns a wage near the amount paid by UBI, would nursing strangers back to health in heavily regulated government environments really be worth the money?

A lot of people on welfare assume that hardworking people aren’t paying attention to them. We do pay attention to you, everytime the government takes money out of our paycheques and we encounter entitled lazy people, for some of us, we resent the welfare state.

Sure we might not say it out loud, but if you wonder why the Conservative Partys in Canada don’t go away, it’s because of people like Dana Wylie who don’t seem to understand that a lot of her fellow Canadians are doing jobs they don’t like and are being taxed to prop up people like Dana Wylie who quite frankly needs to be sprayed with a dose of reality.

Interesting times ahead!