Smarter Lifestyles of is an advertorial website that provides articles on categories like health, money, shopping, education, travel,  and men and women’s topics. It also has a section for featured and miscellaneous articles.

The website is free to use and subscription or membership is not required. Smarter Lifestyles is being paid by its partner companies and not by the people who are reading it.

More about Smarter Lifestyles

As an advertorial website, Smarter Lifestyles presents articles in a way that may seem to be objective or non-biased where in fact, its articles are designed to advertise the products and services of certain companies. Some of the companies being promoted by the website include,, Fisher Investments, and Davison.

Unlike other advertorial websites, Smarter Lifestyles admitted that it is an advertorial website. In fact, it advises users to conduct further research about a company before investing in any of its products or services.

Final thoughts on

Websites classified to be advertorial ones do not necessarily mean they are scamming people. These websites are simply designed to promote certain companies without using the typical marketing pitch. earns an extra credit for admitting that is an advertorial website. It’s also a good thing that it does remind users to conduct more research before settling for any of the product or service that they are promoting.

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