Review – Is it a scam?

Founded by Eliott Dobbs, Stock Market Authority (SMA) is a website that caters to the needs of investors, particularly those who are looking for the newest stocks in the market.

Stock Market Authority is a financial publishing company, aiming at helping its members survive the volatile market and achieve high gains.

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Signing up for Stock Market Authority  is free of charge, whether you’re eyeing for the basic or premium membership. Members of SMA enjoy the benefit of receiving weekly issues and special reports of market analysis written by various independent contributors.

Just like other financial publishing companies, Stock Market Authority do promote and feature the latest stocks but it doesn’t have in-house stock analysts, advisers, brokers, and the like.

SMA, however, is considered to be an advertising company. The featured stocks are from paying parties who wanted to inform the public about affordable stocks. These stocks are usually considered as ‘penny stocks’ as their price can be as low as $1.

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There’s nothing wrong with investing on stocks but you have to know that this is not for everyone. While SMA can provide you with some input on what’s hot in the market, it can’t give you an assurance that you’re going to gain from it.

The penny stocks that SMA usually promote may be appealing because of their price and ease of manipulation but just like any investment, they come with a risk. Thus, when dealing with stocks mentioned in SMA, it would be best to consult financial advisors and trusted brokers.

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