SMC Scam the Must Read Review

Tom Bosley’s SMC (Specialty Merchandising Corporation) the famous infomercial making working from home look so easy. Myself personally I’ve never fell for this type of business venture but my ex-girlfriend did. Actually when I met her she was already in it selling porcelain dolls and other items.

When she was in it she had a catalog some gift cards the whole nine she had told me she was making money which was true she had a few customers but… She was spending allot more I used to feel a bit uncomfortable about telling her this thing didn’t make much sense. But she soon got the message when I showed her my eBay store, which at the time was easily clearing $4000.00 a month.

When she introduced me to the business and I researched it I was personally disgusted knowing what I know both now and then i feel like if people knew the basics of business they would find NO value in SMC. First I’m going to break the process of SMC.

Starting your SMC business

First there’s the startup package that can run you $39.99 which is onetime fee which gives you a website.

Now that you have a website your website needs hosting the hosting fee is $29.99 PER MONTH. Right there for me I was like this is DUMB. Why because I can get a website up and running WITH Hosting for .99 cents type in $1.00 hosting in a search engine and see what happens. Now some of you might say well No if someone buys from your website you get a commission. Which to me is even funnier, because I get that going for free; it’s called Affiliate Marketing so again to me it just sounds dumb.

On top of this you will be assigned a mentor/coach actually I prefer to call that coach a sales person, because that persons job will be to call you periodically to get you to buy more SMC merchandise they will tell you that if you want your business to grow you will need this and you will need that. On top of this they will up sell you with everything.

example if there’s a soap they will say why get the $9.00 basic soap when you can get the Premium soap for that’s twice the size for $15.00 this purely an example but i hope you get my point. The key thing to all this SMC stuff is for them to have your phone number and email address.

SMC doing their follow ups

My ex-girlfriends phone would ring of the hook not from customers but from SMC and their affiliates plus her in-box which was her personal in-box was full with SMC spam. When i showed her proof of my earnings from eBay which i was reluctant to do she canceled her membership. At the time I was selling video games, Dvd burners, and anything and everything car related. I had two separate eBay websites and I only stopped because well let’s say making money from eBay takes some serious organization skills & can be very time consuming.

My point is SMC is the exact same way and with SMC your dependent on SMC which to me makes it look VERY unattractive. Once you’re in business for self you might as well do it fully and have as much control over the process as possible. When i had my eBay Store I didn’t even really need EBay, I also had a store in a flea market which to date still makes me more money than eBay ever did, plus not as many fees.

Also when starting your own business i recommend doing a business that you LOVE doing otherwise it will become even more difficult. This is why i can’t stand these SMC, Trump networks or Primerica type business because business or being self-employed is supposed to be a reflection Self a reflection of you. I highly doubt working under someone else s business name is going to be a reflection of you as a person.

Should you have to pay to start a job?

The only time I recommend working under someone else s name is if your applying for JOB and if your applying for a JOB you shouldn’t have to PAY to get started. I hope you get what i am saying. I also use to do door to door sales now when I applied for these companies I didn’t have to pay them to get started I got paid a commission for bringing in a sale. That’s how it’s supposed to work, If they want you to sell there merchandise they are supposed to provide training and basic materials for free.

That includes a website in which you shouldn’t have to pay a monthly hosting fee. There are many other reasons I don’t recommend SMC but they are too many to name the bottom line is you should NEVER have to pay someone or some company to be a there “door to door salesman” that’s the best way for me to explain these type of business ventures.

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