Usual Vote Buying? Or is there a SNAP Election coming to Canada: Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set to announce inflation relief to low-income families, days after Central Bank raises interest rates – September 9, 2022,

The latest move by Trudeau has people like me scratching my head because Justin Trudeau apparently has no understanding of how consumer price inflation works. You stop consumer price inflation by changing the REGULATORY environment to be more business-friendly because if you don’t the money, you BORROW as government to buy votes will accelerate consumer prices because consumer price inflation is nothing more than malinvestment in the economy.

In a capitalistic system, typically, the only time consumer prices rise is if there is some sort of monopoly or shortage of something. A monopoly could exist for a variety of reasons, such as a company innovates or makes an invention and the market has caught up with it yet, or the government, as an example, creates a carbon tax and creates regulations in the economy that FORCES consumers to energy entities the Liberal Government imagines will solve what considers “Climate Change”.

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Shortages of consumer goods or shortages of public or private services can’t be solved by throwing money at the problem because the shortage problem often has little to do with the money and more to do with the regulatory environment. For example, if the people of the province of Ontario decide that they want the Premier to enact rental controls, property developers and real estate investors might stop building rental purpose housing; the government throwing money at that problem won’t change the housing SHORTAGES problem, in fact in might accelerate it.

In a market economy, most investors do not want to risk spending capital on an investment the government has waged war against. If the people of a province imagine they will be public enemy number one from the government for raising rents, they’ll avoid building rental housing; if investors feel they will be public enemy number one for investing in oil and gas or other fossil fuels, they might not invest in it either, and the government as an example sending would-be voters checks in the mail won’t change the new regulatory environment.

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So when I hear Justin Trudeau BORROWING money from some taxpayers to send money back to taxpayers he imagines will vote for him or his political party in the upcoming election sounds like he’s planning a Snap Election. Because this round of stimulus in which he plans to send cheques to potential voters will accelerate the Federal government’s deficit during a period of time in which The Bank of Canada is raising interest rates.

As the article I point to below points out, “Trudeau’s Liberals were left a minority of seats in parliament after last year’s election, and the NDP support agreement means that the government could survive until the end of the legislature in 2025”. The date in which I’m writing this is September 9, 2022, and the last election, oddly enough, was September 20, 2021. I should also point out that the 2019 election was October 21, so one has ot ask if maybe Trudeau is looking at the school year or if he’s simply trying to keep himself relevant.

Below is the Trudeau popularity tracker by Angus Reid; if the data does not show up below, you can click the link provided or search for “Trudeau popularity in Google”.

Approve/Disapprove of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau |

As I like to frequently point out, the last time Justin Trudeau was popular in Canada was back in 2015 when he actually shrank the government and legalized pot. Since then, the Liberals have won elections STRATEGICALLY, losing the POPULAR vote twice to the Conservatives in both 2019 and 2021, to two very weak opposition leaders, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole.

The Conservative Party will soon announce its new Party leader, and the likely winner will be Pierre Poilievre. It should be noted that the Mainstream media is attempting to frame Pierre Poilievre as UNPOPULAR in Ontario and Quebec. Still, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole, the two party leaders I label WEAK candidates, struggled to get CONSERVATIVE voters to the ballot box. Yet, they won the POPULAR vote? Justin Trudeau won in the 2019 and 2021 elections at his normal hotbeds, primarily because CONSERVATIVE voters in Ontario and Quebec didn’t show up to vote for Scheer or O’Toole.

I bring this up because how the media is attempting to frame a showdown between Pierre Poilievre, and Justin Trudeau doesn’t make much sense from my perspective. I mean, how much of a popular vote ass-whooping will Pierre Poilievre put on Trudeau if the two square off? Andrew Scheer won the popular vote by a very wide margin, and the numbers suggest that Pierre Poilievre will get more total votes than Andrew Scheer received, which would indicate that Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet are likely losing popularity and, if they win, will be governing a country in which the majority dislikes both of them.

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I’m not a political expert, but the politics of this country if Trudeau were to win a 2022 election, would look very ugly if he wins, but the popular votes suggest that most of the country doesn’t like him. In the U.S, Donald Trump had that problem when he won the 2016 election; Trump won the election STRATEGICALLY; America has an electrical college system in which each state get’s equal representation, regardless of the States population.

Because the U.S media saw the popular vote was clearly on the Democrat’s side, the mainstream media conveniently made Donald Trump public enemy number 1, now obviously the Canadian media has been very friendly to Justin Trudeau, but you can see why most Canadians do not TRUST the mainstream media because the NDP and the Liberals split the Left-wing. Still, both sides have differing views on left-wing politics, and the most popular political party in Canada, the Conservative Party, still doesn’t get a fair shake with Canadian media.

This is a terrible idea by Canadian media because as Trudeau becomes less popular and the NDP prop up his government, one could only imagine the frustration mounting amongst Canadian who would love to see this government fall. If Trudeau were to win a SNAP election, the evidence suggests he’s going to win based on strategically focusing on ridings in which he’s popular, and this could also equate to the NDP losing seats, meaning that the Conservatives might not only win the popular vote but may start taking ridings from the NDP.

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So as this relates to vote-buying relating to Trudeau, I can only assume that he’s trying to take votes from the NDP. Which I think would be quite risky as the evidence suggest that the NDP voter is likely NOT to vote for the Liberals. The Liberals are NOT the Party of the working class Canadian. Pierre Poilievre appears to be targeting the working-class voters the NDP is ignoring.

When Justin Trudeau sends money out, he’s basically admitting that consumer price inflation is here to stay and will likely continue to ascend; Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels, his weird war on Covid-19, which obviously revolves around the Freedom Convoy, equates to him losing an entire segment of the voting public. I don’t know if he plans to have a snap election, but one thing appears guaranteed based on the data Justin Trudeau will lose big on the popular vote!

In closing, regarding the central bank of Canada, I can’t get into the mind of Tiff Macklem. Still, the main purpose of a central bank is to prevent DEFLATION, and what most people do not understand about consumer price inflation is that it’s DEFLATIONARY to the economy. Spending more money on fewer goods and services is DEFLATIONARY; you might not like to hear this, because it’s counterintuitive to your beliefs about modern central banks, but central banks do not DISTRIBUTE money; federal governments and private financial institutions are responsible for the DISTRIBUTION of money.

In case you’re wondering why hyperinflation hasn’t happened under this fiat monetary system, it’s because FOR-PROFIT banks aren’t going to lend money UNLESS there’s a profit motive; the same is SUPPOSED to be true of Federal Governments; if a Federal government is engaging in some sort of stimulus spending, the idea is not supposed to be to purely buy votes, the goal behind stimulus spending by a Federal government is STIMULATE economic activity.

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Now, no offense to the people who will be the beneficiaries of Trudeau’s vote buying, but it’s unlikely the money they’ll get from Trudeau will be used to help them start their own business. Meaning that any money Trudeau sends to these would-be voters will go right back into the pockets of people with existing businesses.

This is why in my opinion, it looks like a snap election is on its way, and if it’s not on its way, one could argue this is a clear sign of Justin Trudeau’s incompetence as it relates to economic and POLITICAL matters because voters have short memories if Trudeau is planning to wait for 2025, nobody is going to remember the cheque he sent them in 2022.

Regarding the Bank of Canada, by my metrics, Tiff Macklem, to prevent DEFLATION, should keep raising interest rates because Justin Trudeau hasn’t proven that his government can COMPOTENTLY pay back the money he’s borrowing, which WILL lead to a financial crisis in Canada by 2025 if this reckless spending continues. As I’ve been saying for years now, all roads point to austerity measures.

Canada’s Trudeau set to announce inflation relief for low incomes – source |

Interesting times ahead!