So Far Blackrock Silver Corp (BRC) Has performed very well, consider looking into this Stock – November 5, 2021,

Because I believe inflation is coming I recommend that you look into finding a financial planner or financial professional that you trust. Anything you read on this blog post shouldn’t be considered investment advice, I’m not a professional nor do I have the qualifications to give you financial investing advice.

When I write about Blackrock Silver Corp (BRC) I’m merely writing because of the recent gains I’ve gotten in such a short amount of time, I like buying free stocks, meaning that if I buy 10,000 shares, I’m actually buying 9000 or 1000 shares and selling off a portion of my initial investment, therefore, getting free stock, so even if the stock falls to zero, it’s not that big a deal. Being that Blackrock Silver Corp (BRC) currently doesn’t pay a dividend, I have to be more of a strategic investor with this type of stock.

Maybe if you’re reading this the stock went down, but as of today I’m loving this stock and it’s a buy worth considering because silver supplies are dwindling primarily because of all the Left-Wing politics that people voted for. In America and Canada, there will be at least 2 more years of this nonsense, so there’s a lot of opportunities to make some money. The corrupt politicians in power, along with the media and public schools have brainwashed millions of people, namely the youth into believing the earth will end without corporate climate change.

Those of us old enough to remember when the government scammed us, know what the future holds, once these brainwashed school children are able to think for themselves and governments in the future attempt another scam to suck money out of people’s pockets, many of these brainwashed youth who think we old people are out of touch, will end up just like us. The real problem is not necessarily silver shortages, the problem in the future will be permanently higher energy prices, meaning higher operating costs for businesses, potentially higher taxes, more government regulations, etc.

All this bodes well for the INDUSTRIAL uses of Silver. Being that it’s BLACKROCK Silver Corp (BRC) they’re going to align themselves with all of the fraudulent now LEGAL government carbon credit scams, which justify its higher stock price.

There will of course be Silver companies that will either be ignorant to the realities of corporate climate change or openly challenge the regulation, you’ll want to pay close attention to those companies because we’re talking about years of public school indoctrination with this climate change crap, it will take at least a decade for many of these young climate change “experts” to figure out they’ve been duped.

So like it or not this public-private climate change alarmism might be here for a long time, and you’ll want to factor that into your investment decisions. Best of luck and contact a financial expert that you trust for investment advice