So yea…Government Regulations on the economy lead to Nearly 5,000 layoffs at Cineplex after Ontario, Canada closes movie theatres – January 6, 2022,

In the modern era, there are a lot of atheists and the problem with atheists is that because they have NO God or Holy Bible to lead them, OR TEACH THEM ABOUT HISTORY, they’re often replacing religion with BIG GOVERNMENT. You see in the bible even if let’s imagine you think the King James Bible is bullsh*t, you should still consider reading it because there are a lot of lessons in that good book that will explain to you why CENTRAL powers are a disaster waiting to happen.

a free-market economy is accepting that there’s an INVISIBLE hand guiding the marketplace, is the free market perfect? Of course not but neither is big government, as a Christian I imagine God as the perfect being and myself as well as my fellow human beings as flawed. Even if we’re well-meaning human beings, we should be trying to LIBERATE mankind not REGULATE it!

There are dire consequences to regulating human behavior, to most Westerners both Chinese and Russian people can come across as rather mechanical, and the reason for this is because, in both Russia and China, speech is controlled, you’d better watch what you say and how you say it in Left-wing country because even if there’s a religion in Left-wing country, it plays at best second fiddle to BIG GOVERNMENT!

I bring this up because currently in Canada, not only is the government regulating industries indiscriminately, regular Canadians with differing opinions are being silenced in the mainstream, it’s such a problem that if you watch mainstream media in Canada, you’ll notice people self-censoring themselves to avoid finding themselves on the wrong side of BIG GOVERNMENT.

As shown in the Bible tyranny leads to poverty, the Israelites in the bible constantly had to fight prosecution from BIG GOVERNMENT, which ultimately leads to economic destruction.

Nearly 5,000 layoffs at Cineplex after Ontario closes movie theatres |

Interesting times ahead!