Hello people i tried social book marking demon and although its an overall good product there’s a reason most people don’t like it very much. Social Bookmarking demon is a good product if you have a big budget. Without wasting your time i will give you the quick run down. I’m not sure how much social bookmarking demon costs at the time you read this but at the time I am writing this social bookmarking demon costs $147.

Problems I encountered after I purchased socialbookmarking demon

That’s really not a problem the problem for me came when I read the “Ultimate Guide” this showed me the exact reason why some people don’t like socialbookmarking demon.   The best feature about bookmarking demon is the “running your own network” feature which basically stops are lowers your chances of being blocked or having your account banned or cancelled by social networking websites. If you want to enable this feature you will need to purchase Hosting with different Class C IP Addresses. What this basically does is it allows Socialbookmarking demon to be in several different spots at once without being detected because each spot it submits a bookmark too will have its own C class IP address.

socialbookmarking demon does it really save you money and time

This becomes a problem once you start getting into the issue of money and time. In regards to the issue of money for C Class hosting visit prices start at $35 per month and the recommended amount is 100 that price starts at $450 per month. Thats not the only problem the next problem is time this is where for me i see Socialbookmarking demon as something to use as leverage if you are running your own SEO Company or something in that nature. For the average Internet marketer just looking for sales i don’t think Socialbookmarking demon is right choice.

Socialbookmarking demon does make your life easier then manually submitting your socialbook marks to social bookmarking sites but its still time consuming in its own way. I personally think socialbookmarking demon should have worked to improve its first strategy titled “lazy man bookmarketing”. The fact they missed the point of what the average internet marketer is looking for had a negative impact on me and caused me to request a refund. Bookmarking doesn’t have to be as complicated as socialbookmarking demon makes it seem. I personally didn’t like socialbookmarking demon it was a huge disappointment in my book on that note this is only my opinion if you want to give it try don’t let me stop you, you can try it for 60 days risk free visit their site to find out more.

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