Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis By Ludwig von Mises(1922) Review – Why It’s One of My Favorite Books – July 21, 2022,

I’ve seen people living in Tents in the United States who have a better standard of living than some middle-class people in third-world nations. I say this because poverty starts in the MIND, and one of the root causes of poverty is shifting personal blame to an external source. Socialism is a play on the desire for humans to point blame at someone else for their economic misfortune.


Should humans have the Liberty and freedom to blame others for their misfortunes? Yes, but they should not be able to use the force of government to force people who have NOTHING to do with their misfortunes to subsidize their living standards. This use of government force to use extortion to steal from the productive to give to the unproductive is the dominant thinking in the world, but times could be changing.

Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis By Ludwig von Mises gives us an analysis of socialism from a historical manner, Ludwig von Mises reminds us in 2022 that the socialists had the same silly arguments in 1922. von Mises also reminds us of the similarities between National Socialism under Adolf Hitler and Marxism derived from Karl Marx.

It’s important to remember that just like the Socialists/Leftists stole the word “Liberal” from Freedom fighters, they also found a way to attribute National Socialism with Right Wing politics? Myself Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis gave me the knowledge necessary to comprehend the similarities between Marxism and National Socialism, which are very similar.

Sure both sides will argue that their versions of extreme Socialism are different, and Ludwig von Mises does point out this, but they have more similarities than National Socialism and Capitalism, for example. In the grand scheme of things, unfortunately, you’d have to love Liberty for this even to matter, but I often talk about National Socialism because National Socialism is the most dominant form of politics today, employed by both Left and Right-wingers and the faster you recognize this, the better of an investor you’ll be.

Why you want to be a good investor stems from what socialism does to a society, socialism’s failure rate is 100%. Failed States are common throughout history, but knowing what to do when your country fails is very important because what dictators and ruling classes will seek to do when their ideas fail is expand their power and influence, and when you see this happening, you’d be wise to consider relocating as soon as possible.

One of the readers, most liberty lovers, aren’t against mass migration, is because you never know when you might become a refugee. If you’re living in a Western nation right now, leaving might sound ridiculous; why would you leave when floods of migrants are coming to your country? Well, the evidence suggests that people ignorant of the failures and history of socialism will repeat it in some way, shape, or fashion.

As most Liberty lovers are aware, SHORTAGES are the first cracks to appear when socialism creeps into your nation; eventually, the state will NORMALIZE shortages, and as the people complain, the State will often resort to the use of FORCE to hold onto its grip of power. Now, the complaint of most socialists is that the rich are too greedy or they have too much wealth, but socialism is the opposite; socialism allows the State to dictate the wealth of an individual, which obviously equates to self-employment becoming less appealing to the common person.

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Socialists ignore the power of FREEDOM and instead focus their attention on social security, which they’ll claim. Capitalism doesn’t offer. Most people in western nations are dependent on Social Security checks and other forms of government welfare to survive economically. People dependent on the State for their survival will complicate societies well being as these welfare-dependent people will usually vote for their personal best interests.

This guarantees the destruction of western societies; in 2022, we’re seeing a dedication from the Left-wingers, many calling themselves “Liberals,” to redistribute resources for political gains in the name of CLIMATE CHANGE. This monopoly of power in the mind of socialists is justified by their belief in doing things for the “Greater Good” of society.

Socialists often imagine economics and human behavior as non-important factors when they attempt to use their social engineering tactics. In 2022, it seems odd to lovers of liberty that Socialists/Left Wingers/Progressives could be so stupid, but Ludwig von Mises reminds us that this stupidity existed during his times.

When you read Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis By Ludwig von Mises it will come to your attention that people some regard as heroes were IDIOTS who found their way to the bully pulpit. I’ve several times referred to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, as economic IDIOTS. The mistake I DON’T make, however, is imagining that they’re the first idiots to become the heads of their respective countries.

Idiots finding their way to power appears to be common throughout history, and the faster you comprehend this, the easier you’ll be able to navigate your way around it. If you want a LIFE-changing book, consider making Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis By Ludwig von Mises a part of your collection of books.