Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Socialism and Freedom are NOT compatible: Another day another protest in Paris – September 11, 2021,

Socialism and Freedom aren’t compatible and France is the perfect example, the people of France refuse to give up the entitlements afforded to them via the government, but at the same time, the people of France want Liberty, from their Government’s overreach?

Socialism always causes war, because eventually, the government comes after YOUR freedoms and liberties, you see it’s never a problem when the government slaps a wealth tax on a small number of French citizens, it’s those greedy rich people, tax them to death their liberties aren’t important, let’s grow the government to stop those evil rich people.

But then one day, because the people have demanded the government grow to get these greedy rich people, the government gets large enough to make the lives of the poor and middle class miserable also. But you see, because socialism often infects the school system as well as the media, people who want the government to grow more, do not realize how brainwashed they’ve become.

In France, they don’t even know how to fix their problems, because as an example free-market Capitalism is a dirty word in most Latin countries. Once the people allow the government and the media to control or heavily influence SPEECH, the entire CULTURE of a nation might change. Certain ideas, might not exist in the mids of most people, because they are taught that TRUE liberty and true freedom are relics of the past and should be abolished from debate and discussion.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least when I see what’s happening in France, Emmanuel Macron is the President of France, and Emmanuel Macron is a socialist. Socialism and Liberty aren’t compatible, it’s really that simple! The Communist Manifesto was one of the most divisive political works of art in history, Marx pined one group against another and he did it masterfully, it should be noted that Karl Marx did what the Democratic Socialists couldn’t do, which was to put in words that in order for Socialism to work, there had to be a US-vs-THEM narrative

In a free-market economy as imperfect as it is, everyone is a potential business partner, customer, and friend, even if you’re competing with another business, if you’re smart you can use this to your advantage, competition in anything is GOOD. I wouldn’t watch a sporting competition if there was only one team? Why would I want the government owning or influencing the means of production?

Why some people hate market economies is that if you have an idea consumers don’t like then you go BANKRUPT, not only might you feel embarrassed, you might want to use the government to make you whole if you’re part of a labor union, your labor union might want to go to the government to prevent any competitor from emerging to compete with your business, this is what socialism does and once it gets blended into your supposedly Free” culture, the people eventually realize that something is wrong, but they’ll never know what’s wrong because they’ve brainwashed from the cradle!

If it’s hard for you to see the economic connection to the health crisis in France, that’s the problem with education systems and media in Western countries brainwashing people with this socialist narrative!

France: Tear gas, pepper spray deployed in anti-health pass protest in Paris | Russia Today on YouTube

Interesting times ahead!