Solar Panels and Wind Farms create a lot of pollution: Are mining Bitcoins with renewable energy a waste? – September 7, 2021,

We’re currently living through a very Socialist-progressive era, one of the groups combating socialism has been the crypto-currency community, although they’re not responsible for the term “fiat currency” the cryptocurrency community has been champions for the liberty movement.

With that said, currently, the power players in cryptocurrencies are currently Bitcoin and Etherum, and one of the methods Bitcoin and Etherum use to create value in their platforms is mining, which basically mirrors the mining process of mining Gold and Silver. Personally, I think the mining process for Bitcoin and Ethereum are silly and wasteful and I’m hopeful in the future people will understand that the NETWORK is what’s most important and a blockchain doesn’t necessarily have to mirror mining for Gold or Silver.

In the meantime, however, celebrities like Kevin O’Leary have pushed for crypto-regulations so that cryptos can go mainstream, this has created an atmosphere in which the crypto community is trying to get in the good graces of the government, which defeats the purpose if you ask me.

A lot of cryptos are now mined using renewable energy, which means a lot of renewable energy that could be used for more productive purposes is now being consumed by Bitcoin miners? This has disaster written all over it as Solar and wind create a lot of pollution that nobody has figured out how to clean up yet. It’s not like when a wind farm or solar panel is erected that it won’t need to be replaced.

Not only is Solar and wind intermittent energy resources, but they also create a lot of pollution, making them very bad for the planet. If this progressive-socialist era is to continue, there will come a time when the Progressives declare war on solar and wind, and being that in order to grow, Bitcoin needs to consume more energy, the mere fact that many in its community are already willing to capitulate to the government, equates to doubling down on stupidity. With Bitcoin, I’m seeing a lot of unnecessary waste, I personally believe the power is in the network, and as we’ve seen in online gaming and other things online, there are many ways to keep people engaged in the survival of a network.

I think it’s time for a new decentralized crypto-network, that gets rid of this unnecessary mining process. I think whoever designs this will be a very rich person!