somnapure Review Is It a Scam

Before committing to this sleep aid i advise the reader to make sure he or she reads the terms and conditions. Somnapure found at the website does a good job making it self look legit but i advise the reader to be careful and to again read the terms and conditions before signing up. The terms and conditions can be found at or they can be found on the bottom of the page where  Somnapure asks for your credit card information. I recommend at least skimming through it before you sign up. Below is preview of their terms its not the terms in its entirety please read before buying.


How Does the Auto-Ship Trial Offer Work?

A. You must pay a shipping and handling fee of $4.99 for us to send you a 14 day trial supply of Peak Life. We ship the product the day after you place your order (except that orders placed Friday-Sunday will be shipped the following Monday). We allow up to 4 days for you to receive the trial supply. Thus, in order for you to have 14 days to try the product, we consider the end date for your trial period to be 18 days after you place your order, which is 14 days plus 4 days for processing and transit.

B. If you do not call customer service to cancel within [18] days of ordering your free trial, you will continue with our auto-ship program. See details below.

Auto-Ship Program

Unless you cancel before the end of your trial period as specified above, we will ship your first 30-day supply of Peak Life at the end of your trial period. Thereafter, you will continue to receive a fresh 30-day supply of Peak Life each month for as long as you stay a member of our auto-ship program. The card you provided when you ordered the trial product will be automatically charged $54.98 (plus tax if applicable) when each new product ships. To cancel future shipments in the auto-ship program, you must call 1-877-869-3304 at least 1 day prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships. Customers located in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, please email us at Our customer service center is open Mon-Fri: 7am – 9pm CST and Sat: 8am – 1pm CST.


The time in which I am writing this is November 2010 so depending on when you get this blog post the terms may have or may not have changed just be careful when ordering.

Does Somnapure/PeakLife Work?

This is one of the reasons I wrote this post because I wouldn’t dare try it I would like people to share their stories below. I want people to explain there experiences with Somnapure good or bad by doing this I think people can draw their own conclusions about Somnapure. If you’re having trouble sleeping please consult a doctor first I find drinking green tea helps me sleep easier, I also squeeze lemon in my green tea which helps a lot as well. Some people have found that Alteril has worked for them I advise anyone who has questions to contact them by phone as they can better answer your questions.

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