Inspired by the popular Mediterranean Diet, the Sonoma Diet is a special diet devised by Dr. Connie Guttersen, a nutritionist and dietitian. Dr. Guttersen is also the leading expert in the health benefits of special diets inspired by Mediterranean, Latin America, and Asian cuisines.

Sonoma Diet is neither low fat or low carbohydrate. It’s a diet inspired by the Mediterranean diet and healthy lifestyle of Sonoma in California that simply follows the basic principle of balancing satisfaction and healthy weight loss. This special diet revolves around the consumption of ‘power foods’ which include but not limited to the following: whole grains, almonds, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, and olive oil.

More about Sonoma Diet

Just like other special diets, the Sonoma Diet also come in stages called as ‘waves.’ Wave 1, which lasts for 10 days, aims to help users get used to eating healthy food. During this stage, you will be starting to consume healthy meals which are prepared using whole foods. Among the 3 stages of Sonoma Diet, this is considered to be the most extreme and low calorie. In fact, during this stage, you will be encouraged to throw away food that contains refined flour, hydrogenated and saturated fats, sugar, and any oil that isn’t extra virgin oil.

Wave 2 will be taking a major part in your diet. Its duration depends on your ability to reach your desired weight. It is in this stage where you will be enjoying more the Sonoma Diet. You will be introduced to additional food including fruit, more vegetables, fat-free yogurt, wine, and even dark chocolate.

The last stage is Wave 3. At this point, you are expected to have reached your ideal weight. You will be introduced to more food, occasional treats, and greater experimentation when it comes to incorporating more power food.

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If the overhyped low fat or low carbohydrate diet doesn’t satisfy you, then the Sonoma Diet can be the one for you. Claimed to be neither of the two, this diet helps you attain weight loss through a sustainable and healthy manner. Aside from guidance on each stage, signing up with will grant you access to their meal planner, printable shopping lists, recipe index, and food diary. The only downside of this program is that it doesn’t have the fitness element which could supplement the diet.

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