South African health officials are now predicting that COVID-19 has basically run its course ‘Flu-ization’ – January 23, 2022,

So yeah, here we are, I’m hopeful the madness is coming to an end, but I won’t hold my breath just yet, furthermore, this is a moment in history that needs to be addressed with reclaiming our freedom of speech. I have no problem with people who love Big Government, my issue is that Big Government lovers shouldn’t be allowed to claim ownership of my body.


You can’t even force an African to take the Ebola vaccine? In Nigeria there are still groups who are fighting back against Bill Gates Polio vaccines, humans have a right to choose and the purpose of vaccines is to protect you from the person who has the virus if the vaccine doesn’t do that in the real world that would equate to an optional over the counter medicine, not a forced vaccination that requires a vaccine passport.

Truth be told, the private sector could easily deal with vaccines mandates, we do after all live in a litigious society and most people will take the jab if there’s a job they want. What’s ridiculous is the Federal Government stepping in and MANDATING forced vaccinations, that’s 100% unacceptable and this needs to be addressed.

The government’s appeal to people that’s it’s your patriotic duty to be vaccinated is perfectly normal, but FORCING people to get vaccinated and threatening to ruin their quality of life if they’re not vaxxed is demonic and I hope people in the Western world will speak out against this tyranny. Anyway, many of us have been comparing Covid-19 to the Flu for years now, but I care how tyranny ends or who ends it, just end the tyranny.

‘Flu-ization’: Why Omicron is causing some countries to treat COVID like the flu |

Interesting times ahead!