Spark People which can be found in is the only premium website that offers tips and tools for dieting, weight loss, and healthy living for free. It has been named by Business Week as the “Best of the Web” in the health category. Unlike other websites under the weight loss category, Spark People doesn’t just focus on certain types of diet but it also takes into consideration the user’s long-term plans, on how he/she can keep that healthy lifestyle for a longer period of time.

More about Spark People

Once you sign up with Spark People, you will be asked of your reason for joining the website – is it for weight loss or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle? This option can be changed anytime that you want. Establishing your purpose during this early stage of your membership allows you to create a plan and make use of Spark People’s available online tools to achieve it.

For those who wanted to lose weight, Spark People has sufficient resources to help them achieve it. Its BMI calculator allows users to determine the ideal weight for their height and age. Aside form that, the website is also home to over 200,000 healthy recipes, one of the biggest collections of healthy recipes online. What’s more, it has a food database that provides the calorie breakdown of food that you have eaten and determine through graphs how these food affect your weight loss goal.

For fitness, Spark People provides subscribers with workout demonstrations , fitness workout guide, calorie calculator to determine the number of calories burned for that specific physical activity, interactive fitness calculators to help you assess your fitness level, and online fitness planner. It also has good community support in the form of blogs, message boards, and forums.

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Its range of online diet and fitness tools are impressive considering the fact that it’s a free to use website. is a must-visit site for those people who wanted additional support to achieve their weight loss goals, whether or not they are enrolled in a certain diet program

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