SpeedMaxPc Review – Is it a scam?

SpeedMaxPC is a free downloadable software providing users with features aim at boosting their PC’s performance. Immediately after download, SpeedMaxPc conducts a computer scan to look for “bugs” and other malicious files that tend to slow down your computer.

However, the free use of SpeedMaxPc is only limited to the computer scan. Before they resolve your computer issues, you are asked to purchase their software sold at $29.99.

Aside from resolving your computer’s present problems, SpeedMaxPc also offer support from future spyware and malware problems.

More about SpeedMaxPc

Packed with different features, SpeedMaxPc claimed to offer a safe and trusted solution for slowing PCs. It manages startup items, cleana up junk files, removea duplicate files, automatically updates drivers and softwares, and remove malware and spyware.

Final thoughts on SpeedMaxPc

The use of registry cleaner/optimizer has been widely practiced especially among heavy computer users. However, there is some dangers involved in the use of this kind of software. This is especially true among users who consider themselves as a total noob in PC technology.

A registry is a series of files needed to run your computer. Thus, wrong use of a registry editor can cause serious problems in your operating system and other essential software in your computer.

Using SpeedMaxPc to update your hardware may not be the wisest decision to make as most often, sites like this result to a high error rate. It would still be best to update your hardware in its manufacturer’s website.

SpeedMaxPc can be a good solution for improving your PC’s speed but its use is not suitable for new users as it may do more harm than good on the computer’s system.

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