SpeedSponsoring.com Review – Is it a scam?

Speed Sponsoring, which you can find at SpeedSponsoring.com, is a website that offers a tutorial program and MLM business. This program was developed by Mike Dillard, an MLM marketer. According to Dillard, those who will sign up for this program will receive step-by-step tutorial on how to be successful in the industry. These include tutorials on how to build successful downlines.

More about Speed Sponsoring

Just like other MLM business opportunities, Speed Sponsoring also offers products. According to Dillard, those who will sign up won’t just gain knowledge on how to multi-level marketing, but will also be given rights to products that he offers. These products will then be used as a giveaway for other people for them to be part of your downline.

MLM or multi-level marketing is one of the most common ways employed today to gain extra money. However, this kind of business opportunity is often perceived as scam by many people. This is because most of MLM opportunities often provide good income flow for those who have started or who has been into the early stage of the program. Those who came late often end up earning too little or nothing at all.

Final thoughts on SpeedSponsoring.com

Dillard is a reputable MLM marketer. His training program, the Speed Sponsoring, has gained mixed feedback from other people.
If this is your first time on this kind of opportunity, it would be better to read about it first before you get Dillard’s paid MLM training program.

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