SponsoredTweets Review Is It a Scam

For the elite twitter marketer if you have a huge following on twitter you might want to consider Sponsored Tweets, The long term potential of this program is a bit “iffy” to me but at the moment it has great potential. This type of program you have to be careful with. On my other twitter accounts I get all types of offers some to promote pizza, cars, real estate all types of things, the more followers you have on your twitter account the more money you make also you have to have you twitter account active for specified amount of time I believe it’s 90 days.

As I’m writing this i just realized I lost some potential earnings from my sponsored twitter account “$3.00 Lost potential earnings to date from 3 missed Opps” silly me I tend to forget to check this account being that Richinwriters.com is a new site and I have very few followers at the moment.

The more twitter followers you have the better

I don’t support or send every sponsored tweet I get on any of my twitter accounts. I look at my twitter followers the same way I would look at my email list, I’ve turned down sponsored tweets before because I’m not going to promote just anything when I have a twitter following of 50,000 because in case you’ve been sleeping a huge twitter following will make you waaaaaaay more money than sponsored tweets will pay you per sponsored tweets.

How to benefit from Sponsored tweets

If you don’t have a twitter following you’re going to have to find a way to get one in order to really benefit from Sponsored Tweets. You will need a following of at least 500 to even be considered for a sponsored tweet; having 1000 followers I believe is worth a $1.99 a sponsored tweet. Whoever has the largest following gets the most sponsors tweets and this is where I base my “I wonder how long this thing will last” theory on.

Is Sponsored Tweets a scam NO, but I just question how long they will be around.

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