SpyRightNow.com Review Is It a Scam

So i’m watching world star hip hop shady world star hipphopp when i see this ad i’m like h*ll nah are they serious is this really what it’s come to lol. Anyway if your really into this type of the Cell phone stuff what i recommend you do is make sure you read the terms and conditions which are located at the bottom of the website in the fine print.

In case your not aware in this day and age all they need is your cell phone number to charge you money. Yes by you giving out your cell phone number to this website or any other website asking for your cell phone number you are allowing some company to charge your cell phone a monthly fee. & YES i am SERIOUS.

Thinking about joining SpyRightNow.com READ THIS FIRST

In the case of SpyRightNow.com aka spymobil.com you are giving them permission to charge your cell phone monthly. Don’t believe me read the ” * UNLIMITED CLUB SUBSCRIPTION TERMS OF SERVICE:”
located at the bottom of the spymobil webpage it clearly states(this is only a part of what it says you go visit the site for full details)

“I understand that: IfAT&T, I will be charged a service fee of USD 19.99 per month, for which I will receive unlimited credits for all content types. If my carrier is VERIZON WIRELESS, ALLTEL, T-MOBILE OR SPRINT PCS, I will be charged a service fee of USD 9.99 per month, for which I will receive credits for 15 Poly Ringtones. I understand that all service fees will automatically be billed to, or deducted from, the mobile account or the prepaid balance I identified until I reply “STOP” to 82561, or to the initial confirmation message sent to me, to terminate the subscription at anytime;”

I can honestly say i’ve seen worse than this online in terms of unexpected charges but all i can say is watch out, and before you enter your private information for any service and especially if you use your credit card for any service make sure you at least skim over the terms and conditions. Because no one will feel sorry for you if you get scammed and the information was right there in front of your face.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but its what it is if you feel you got scammed don’t worry it happens to allot of people just make sure you read the next time also to cancel i think you can call call 1877 661 1136. At the same time i’m not sure if that number will work if that occurs contact the better business bureau or your cell phone provider.

peace out!