Staged Protestor EXPOSED by Kari Lake Supporters: Kari Lake Supporters Turn on likely PAID Confederate Flag-Waver During Their Election Protest – November 27, 2022,


Left Wing media tends to do an excellent job FRAMING Conservative voters as RACISTS, which is why if ONE person shows up to protest waving a racist flag, the media not only jumps on the story but uses ONE individual to label an entire protest as HATE-FILLED, this is what happened in Canada, it’s why The Current Prime Minister of Canada and his media supporters were able to frame a NARRATIVE that it was okay for the Prime Minister of Canada to BREAK Canadian law and declare himself a DICTATOR.



Because if these Nazi and Confederate flag-waving protestors are waving outdated or foreign flags, well, then the entire group must be out to usurp power from the government? Well, finally, Conservative protestors are figuring out what’s going on, and at least in this instance, the protestors decided to ALIENATE the lone provocateur seeking to get media attention.

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I know firsthand that there are people paid to do this, but to be fair, there are idiots who do think any protests with a lot of white or black people present the perfect opportunity for them to push their RACIST agenda. I’ve heard black people complain about racist black organizations showing up for their peaceful protests and the media, which could be Conservative media, focusing only on the bigots who were not part of the protest.

With racist people, you have to understand that their main goal is to GET ATTENTION for their cause, and if you’re staging a protest, you need to do your best to make sure these racist people or racist groups don’t steal the shine from your peaceful protesting. I often will call Racist politics for what it is, which is NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

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You can label NAZIs Far Right all you want, but there’s nothing about socialism that screams FREE MARKET CAPITALISM, which is an economic system that gives EVERYONE, every race a fair shot at WEALTH. Socialism revolves around STEALING from one group and giving it to another group. If you’re a capitalist, you don’t want BIG GOVERNMENT; capitalists don’t want the government deciding who is rich and poor and who is ENTITLED to welfare; racists want the GOVERNMENT to guarantee their economic well-being,

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Racism is a form of SOCIALISM; racists don’t want to compete; as I like to point out, the MINIMUM wage laws are created to make sure that people can’t drive down the cost of labor, which is what capitalism is all about; SOCIALISTS want to use the government to drive UP the cost of labor, I’ve made the argument before the FDR was the worst president for Black America, as the FEDERAL minimum wage was created on his watch and he actually expanded the great depression with what could be considered white supremacist economic policies.

The decline of black America began under FDR, yet, the Democrat party still manages to control a narrative that the Conservates are the racists; no, actually, the conservatives are trying to conserve liberty and freedom, and that’s a DIFFICULT task when the message of Liberty allows for people to have all views.

With that said in this era of hyper-politics, Conservatives are having to step out of their comfort zones; Liberty also allows all forms of debates; even racist people have a voice; you don’t silence racists by CENSORING them you silence them by disproving their backward low IQ arguments.

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As an example, if you need a minimum wage law from the GOVERNMENT, you clearly don’t have the IQ to start your own business, and if you can’t start your own business, what gives you the right to write laws for the hard-working ENTREPRENEURS who help to build and maintain the nation?

These are debates capitalists aren’t allowed to have with these low IQ Racists because the Leftist Media has COMPLETE control over the narrative, if you don’t speak or BEHAVE in the manner the Left-wing media images as acceptable, you’re labeled as a bigot, when in fact you may simply being trying to express your views in a manner not understood by most people who can’t comprehend the Austrian Economics argument.

This dumbing down of society needs to end, just being quite honest, the individual waving the confederate flag LOOKS like he was paid to do it; he looks like a fish out of the water, and he sounds like a person paid to do a job; he’s rather obese, he’s alone, there doesn’t appear to be much conviction in what he’s saying, and quite frankly he doesn’t look the part, he looks like he’s wearing a costume.

I could be wrong, he could be working on his own accord, but usually, these racist weirdos show up in a group; why most people are not willing to do these racist stunts is because the cost of them on the backend is usually too expensive because once your face is out there, your life changes forever, most racists are SHORT SIGHTED, because racism is indeed a LOW IQ form of thinking, people in JAIL tend to be racist by NECESSITY.

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By racist, I’m referring to one human imagining other GROUPS of humans as inferior; this type of thinking, as I like to point out, undermines MINIMUM WAGE laws; if you’re superior to another group, why do you need government price controls? any racist group that requires government help to sustain themselves is admitting inferiority, and I’m only referring to Economics. Racism is STUPID, I get it; for some of you who are young or maybe grew up in a racist environment, it’s hard for you to think outside of your norm, but don’t confuse being the beneficiary of being around smart, intelligent, high IQ people as racial superiority, the meek shall inherit the earth, and God doesn’t care WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE when you’re a GOOD person, GOOD things will happen to you.

I think the Conservatives may have finally turned the corner on dealing with these staged racist protestors; hopefully, this is not just a ONE off-event; if I’m, to be honest, I don’t like telling people what to do, that is even outside of my comfort zone, but in the event, I’m faced with a similar situation, I may have to start doing some uncomfortable things to protect my children from TOTALITARIANISM.

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When you listen to the video below, you can see the complexities of Conservatives. With Leftists, they’re more likely to use VIOLENCE to get rid of someone that doesn’t belong to their group or someone they know doesn’t represent them or their cause < strongly>. Imagine this idiot with the Confederate flag showing up at a BLM rally? Can you say “Ass whooping,” but this agitator knows, good and well, that Conservatives are LESS likely to resort to violence, so he stands is ground.

It’s just one of those things, one of those problems Conservatives have when they take a stance on obeying the law, and quite frankly, there is no easy answer to dealing with it, but I was glad to see some of the protestors were willing to challenge the weirdo head on.

Kari Lake Supporters Turn on Confederate Flag-Waver During Election Protest |


Interesting times ahead!