Review – Is it a scam?

Staging Diva, which you can check out at, is a training program created by Debra Gould and her company. Gould has been in the home staging business for years and is said to have one of the most successful companies in the industry.

More about Staging Diva

Home staging, which is also known as house or real estate staging, refers to the process of decorating a home to make it more attractive to the buyers. Since many people usually consider how the house looks before buying it, home staging is considered to be an important part of the process of selling homes.

According to Gould, Staging Diva is the only training program taught by someone with MBA in Marketing and decades of business experience. She further claims that by signing up for this training program, you’ll be learning tons of helpful information on how to start and run your own home staging business.

Final thoughts on

The full program of Staging Diva is comprised of five different courses with each course containing 2 hours of audio recording. Although you can purchase the courses separately, you will save a few hundred dollars if you get the full program. This comes with a refund policy though although you need to show that this isn’t the program that is shown on their order pages.

For those who are having second thoughts in signing up for this program, it would be best to read more about home staging before committing into the full program of Staging Diva.

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