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Network Marketing

My stance on Multi-level marketing

To start this post I want to first say that there are plenty of successful Network marketing/Multi-level marketing companies. Amway for example is an example of a very successful Multi-level marketing company which gives validity to the Network marketing industry as whole. That being said I’m not a fan of network marketing nor can I recommend anyone join one.

The benefits of Network Marketing

When mentioning the benefits of Network marketing it also should be noted that most of the benefits available with Network Marketing are also available in direct sales opportunities. The biggest benefit to Network marketing in my opinion is the sales training, when getting into Network marketing the name of the game is building your down-line and also getting as many sales from your down-line as possible.

What this means for you in a Network marketing business is that you will not only have to get sales for yourself but you’ll typically have to motivate your down-line to get sales for you as well. At the top of all this is the Network Marketing Company that will be taking its profits from all parties involved. The biggest benefit to Network marketing goes to the Network Marketers with the largest active down-line. Typically these people are somehow one way or another closely associated with the Multi-Level Marketing business owner.

What makes Network Marketing so attractive to people?

The thing that makes Network marketing so attractive to people is idea of easy money, sign up a few people to your Network Marketing business and you too can enjoy an easy life with people working hard for your Network marketing business. Network Marketing typically appeals to people looking to get rich quick In fact in my opinion most Multi-level marketing companies make it their mission to market to people that have financial problems. Another thing that you might notice with most multi-level marketing companies is that the product that they offer is secondary in fact in most Network marketing business’s the only thing they really want is for you to join the company down-line.

The numbers behind Network Marketing

I’m a money guy and the thing that annoys me most about Network marketing is the fact that you have to pay the company to promote or sell the company’s products. I’ve done door to door sales in the past and I don’t ever remember paying to do door to door sales in fact from my perspective the whole idea to pay someone to be their affiliate sounds rather strange to me. Would you pay let’s say a Wal mart just so you can tell all family, friends and strangers all about pleasures of Wal Mart? Would you hand over your money to a Network Marketing company just so you can work for the Network Marketing Company on a commission basis? I sure wouldn’t it just doesn’t sound right to me.

Also what most people don’t understand about Network Marketing is that your commission is split to your up lines and also split to the Network marketing company you joined and also in many instances the only way to get higher commission is to recruit more people into the network marketing business. By the way it’s also important to note that not even you recruit will remain in the business. Most of the people you recruit will quit within the first month and many of your recruits will never make any sales.

Final thoughts on Multi-level marketing

Ultimately people are free to do with their money what they wish I didn’t write this post to tell anyone what to do with their money I just wrote it as reference to my stance on the Network Marketing industry as whole. I think everyone has a right to do what they want with their time and their money and I wish you all the best in future endeavors please leave your comments below.

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