How to start a website traffic business

Hi, thanks for stopping by I’ve quietly been making a decent income selling website traffic, do you want to know the best part? The way how I started was completely free. What I’m going to explain to you in this post is not a pyramid scheme and does not require you to spend hours upon hours clicking links or calling people actually this is one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website(s) and make money that I know of. The best part is that it’s 100% Free, not only is it free but if you choose to purchase traffic from this source using your own link you also qualify for a cash refund.

This method is 100% free, 100% safe and 100 legal, best of all its legit. This company owns multiple website traffic networks. If you choose to be an advertiser using this method I personally recommend only promoting ‘make money online’ related products. The people that will be receiving your traffic are looking for online business work from home related opportunities. I’ve been using this company for several years but recently maybe because of the recession I’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of buyers and that’s why I’ve decided to share this with everyone.

Starting your website traffic business is easy and free

Starting this website traffic business is easy and it’s free I will also show you how to grow your free website traffic business which will help you make even more money. Ok here’s how it works:


1.) Click Here(opens new tab or window) – then to your left click the link that says ‘Affiliate Program Earn up to $35 per Sale’ sign up and come back here for further instructions
2.) Once you’ve signed up and been approved log into your account and go to the ‘referral code’ this code is what you will use to promote your website traffic business


What you should know before you start your website traffic business is that you don’t want to refer people directly to planet traffic without explaining to them or showing them how they can either get traffic to their website or make money using planet traffic. That being said personally I don’t recommend using planet traffic banners I’ve tried using them and they don’t work. What I recommend doing is either create your own banner use a free banner creator like or you can make one yourself using the ‘paint’ program on your computer if you use windows.

Final steps on how to start a web traffic business

What I do is I use banners to bring people to this page and then I introduce them on how to start their own website traffic business using planet traffic. I recommend you do the same or do something similar. If you don’t have a website use something like or to create a page to direct people too, from their explain how they can either get traffic to their website or sell website traffic either way you should get paid if you do it correctly.

Another thing I want to remind readers is that when you sign up for planet traffic and if you choose to purchase traffic using your own affiliate link you still get paid. There are lots of people that resell planet traffic don’t be afraid to do it too. They do pay you at the first of every month and there are people making thousands upon thousands of dollars doing so. A friend of mine from India has told me that Planet traffic basically helped him out of poverty. They do pay this is in no way a scam

Where to promote Planet Traffic?

Personally I promote using banner advertising on personally I recommend you do the same, or do something similar with another traffic exchange. Everybody wants free web traffic and I think everyone would like to know how to get paid to do so. Click here if you haven’t signed up for it’s completely free to join and there are over 400,000 registered users. You might also want to make a video for YouTube or tell your Facebook friends about it.

This will only grow and I’m telling you right now that this is the best time to get involved. I also have other traffic methods that I’m testing right now and when I get results I will either make a post about or write a review about so check back often for that update.

Please leave your comments below it helps me and helps others.

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