Stay out of foreign Entanglements: I defend Justin Trudeau’s decision to return Russian turbine – July 13, 2022,

Canada is a PEACEKEEPING nation, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t think Justin Trudeau is QUALIFIED to be the Prime Minister of Canada, but based on what I know about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy he’s not qualified to be the President of Ukraine. Canada is already helping Ukraine in ways I wish they wouldn’t and Justin Trudeau via the people in Canada who voted for him(I am NOT one of them), asked their Prime Minister to PHASE OUT domestic fossil fuel production.

By phasing out domestic energy production, Canada is putting itself in a position in which it will be RELIANT on foreign energy. Well, whether you like it or not Russia is currently an energy powerhouse it’s part of OPEC+, and being that Justin Trudeau hasn’t exactly been spending money on boosting the Canadian military, why should Justin start an unnecessary conflict with a nuclear SUPER POWER?

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Canada has already opened its doors to the people of Ukraine, all Ukrainians on the side of PEACE are welcome to come to Canada and even return to Ukraine when the war ends and Canada is still providing aid to the people of Ukraine. The easy way to end this conflict with Russia is for Canada and other western nations to ramp up domestic energy production.

Because there’s no appetite to do that, Russia has the upper hand in this war. Ukrainians can fight if they want to but for as long as the Progressive agenda in Western Nations which includes NATO countries is to phase out DOMESTIC fossil fuel production is all the rage, I don’t think Justin Trudeau should be hostile to Russia.

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I don’t think Russian leadership care so much about the tough talk, Trudeau has to appear strong, but economically based on the Left-wing agenda, Trudeau capitulating to Putin is the right thing to do.

I personally would NEVER take Justin Trudeau’s approach, but he’s the Prime Minister, and based on what appears to be his ideological approach to energy, what he is currently doing is CONSISTENT and makes perfect sense to me. Talk tough and do the opposite, this story is going to get buried and his supporters will love him for it.

Trudeau defends decision to return Russian turbine |

Interesting times ahead!