Steven Guilbeault wants Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault wants Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Internet Censorship Bill C-10 and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals buying more ads on Facebook than all the other parties combined – September 1, 2021,

To people who genuinely think Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to control the internet for your benefit, aren’t paying attention to the actions of Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault, what the Liberals are looking for is their own personal social media platform.

When it comes to Facebook, if people like what you’re selling they’ll share your post, especially now during election time, The Conservatives, The Greens, The People’s Party of Canada, The Bloc, and The NDP are relying on their true supporters to spread their message, that’s not the case with the Liberal Party of Canada.

With The Liberal Party of Canada, they’re spending money like crazy because their supporters are unwilling to share their posts, why? Because let’s be honest, with the exception of the Liberal Party faithful, the only people who like Liberals are Canadians looking for a handout.

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

My family is swamped with Leftists and they don’t like Justin Trudeau, he’s strategy since becoming Prime Minister has been to buy votes, he’s one of those people that everyone wishes would go away, but most people who align with him ideologically don’t want to hurt his feelings. He’s that rich kid at school that everyone feels sorry for, even Conservatives pity the guy, Pierre Trudeau married Margaret Trudeau when she was like 18 I think it was, Pierre was like 40+ years old, Trudeau’s mom never got the chance to mature and the end result is the Trust Fund baby.

Justin Trudeau is pushing 50 years old, he’s clearly out of touch with reality and he’s the last hope for the Liberal Party. Chrystia Freeland who I suspect will be Trudeau’s replacement, is NOT a shoo-in to win any election, the NDP almost PERMANENTLY replaced the Liberals prior to Justin Trudeau running, and it could happen again if Trudeau loses.

If Trudeau loses this 2021 election it’s going to be a huge embarrassment, and it will show how really out of touch with Canadians he was. He chose this election, and he chose it with the expectation that he would win a majority? Why would Justin Trudeau need to spend so much money on Facebook if the majority of Canadian liked him?

It’s free to share on Facebook, and a lot of the multi-millionaires who made their wealth from Facebook are Leftists, so if he was really popular, he shouldn’t have to waste all that money on Facebook? But as we all know, Justin Trudeau even lost the popular vote to Andrew Scheer in 2019 so he’s clearly not very popular in Canada, furthermore because the NDP was bankrupt, Jagmeet Singh ran a horrible campaign in 2019, the NDP isn’t bankrupt now, but even they don’t see the point in Facebook ads.

For me what this shows the true intent of Bill C-10, The Liberals already control the mainstream media and they’re looking to have a stranglehold on social media,Now although Progressives have the most popular social media millionaires, Conservatives produce more social media millionaires

Head to head, progressives don’t stand a chance with Conservatives when it comes to debating ideas, however, if ideas are suppressed, which is why almost everything CRTC related is so borrowing to watch and listen to, Liberals win the battle of ideas, that’s been the history of Canada, Canada is known as BLAND country primarily because of the CRTC.

Americans aren’t more exciting people than us, Canadians have been brainwashed, many of us don’t know we’ve been brainwashed until we spend some time south of the border and feel what FREEDOM is all about. Bill C-10 is an embarrassment and the fact that Justin Trudeau has to pay Facebook to share the Liberal Party message is an embarrassment and it shows how UNPOPULAR he is.

With that said, election fraud is a possibility in the 2021 election as is Justin Trudeau winning fair and square. Based on my research Erin O’Toole wins the 2021 election and forms a minority government. My research is based on polling and looking at the results of the 2019 election in which Trudeau lost the popular vote.

Trudeau didn’t win big in 2019 and there’s no gain for any independent voter to vote for Justin Trudeau again, There is ZERO incentive for Quebec to vote for Justin Trudeau unless they’ve all of a sudden decided that they want open borders and higher rent prices? The NDP ran a horrible race in 2019 so I suspect they take some seats from the Liberals.

The Conservatives are guaranteed to at the very least have a repeat performance of 2019, so Trudeau forming a majority government is very unlikely, unless you know “voter fraud”. This is why I think Trudeau is out of touch with Canadians, calling this election shows that he’s out of touch, he looked genuinely shocked when Ontarians were yelling at him.

Ummm Hello, Justin We’re stuck in our homes and you haven’t exactly been a champion for freedom, not all of us need or want the money you borrowed from the Bank of Canada that we and our children are going to have payback.

This federal election, the Liberals are outspending all the other parties combined when buying ads on Facebook |

Interesting times ahead