review – Is it a scam?

To the best of my knowledge up to this point Stockpair has been a legit and unique, innovative Binary Options and Pair Options trading environment. A the date in which this log post was published they have a pending US Patent which you can learn more about on their websites. From what I’ve observed so far they seem to be game changers and they’ve manged to see significant continued growth in 2013!

Personal thoughts regarding

At first glance I thought Stockpair was a scam however upon reading positive reviews from current clients I decided to give them a try at which time I was able to see their pricing engine in engine at which time I was able to see how they’re separating themselves the competition. Although is not my preferred binary options trading platform I can see where they add value to both Binary and Pair Options Trading!

Final thoughts regarding

Stockpair is a great place to start binary options trading and after review I would have to agree that there is tremendous potential here. Being that I’ve been using the Empire Options website and I’m more comfortable with their platform I won’t be switching over to any time soon however if you’re new or if you’re looking for an alternative place to trade Stockpair should at the very least be on your radar. For those of you looking for more education on binary trading consider visiting  the binary options website. In short remember that there is risk when trading so trade with a degree of caution and don’t spend money that you know you can’t afford to lose. the minimum deposit for is $200

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