Stop Blaming China: Why isn’t more clothing made in Canada? The Answer: Minimum Wages COMBINED With Tariffs and an Ever-Growing Canadian Public Sector – July 22, 2021,

The first thing I’d like to make clear is although I’m sympathetic to most libertarians, I do not consider myself a Libertarian, I am PRO-TARIFFS, I don’t believe a country can exist without tariffs, to me if you’re against tariffs, you’re bordering on being an anarchist or a globalist.

I am against minimum wages especially on a FEDERAL level that’s price control, tariffs aren’t priced controls if foreign companies are allowed to set up shop in Canada? We should be making it EASIER to do business in Canada, not harder. If tariffs are in place and we have a competitive economy bring that manufacturing here and what we can’t make here comes across the border tariff-free.

As far as know Canadians allow foreign companies to operate in Canada and as I like to point out I’d much prefer as low a barrier to entry into the Canadian workforce as possible a minimum wage is a barrier to entry for Canadian entrepreneurs, slavery is abolished in Canada no employer can force anyone to work for them and if anything the laws in Canada should allow people to quit their jobs whenever they see fit as opposed to how it is now, in that if a Canadian decides to work in a particular industry they can be sued or jailed for not fulfilling their duties on their job. If you don’t fulfill your contract as an employee or contractor we already have legal remedies in place to deal with such matters.

China merely exploited what already existed which were massive inconsistencies in our methods of governing ourselves. Canada has embraced a multitude of socialist and communist ideals that are now embedded into our culture. In China, they call their socialism/communism socialism with Chinese characteristics, because a lot of Chinese Communist Party leaders, understand that they need some form of a free market in order for China to flourish.

So when the Chinese Communist Party looks to dominate another countries economy, they look for soft spots, Canada’s soft spot is our GIANT WELFARE STATE In most instances in Canada and this is primarily because of the minimum wage laws, it’s more profitable for a Canadian to be on welfare than it is for a Canadian to work a low wage job.

One Labor Union slogan goes something like this… “If you can’t afford to pay a union wage, you don’t deserve to be in business” Western Marxists come from a place in which they assume that a private business should be profitable the moment it starts up, this is one of the reasons a lot of businesses and business owners in the modern era go deeply into debt in order to start a business, Canadian culture is such that the barrier of entry to become an employer in Canada is so high that clothing manufactures don’t even bother coming here.

Making matters worse Canadian school teachers are often Marxist sympathizers, so most Canadians who attend public schools have ZERO financial education. Now, this combined with this push by many socialists in Canada to break up up families equates to fewer Canadians having any financial education.

Politically a lack of financial education is suicide for the Canadian voter because, for the average Canadian, they assume their politicians are FINANCIAL smarter than they are. CANDIDATE Justin Trudeau’s weakness was the economy and he won two elections. Recently Justin Trudeau began rewarding people with free money for doing absolutely nothing, and because of this more and more Canadians are making the logical decision to wait for the best job to find them.

In what universe is working for a clothing manufacturer the best job for anyone? Most of us do jobs we hate because in order to get ahead we must contribute with our labour to Canadian society. This is something even the Communist Chinese Party comprehends, there’s NO financial welfare state in China, I have contacts in China, if they don’t work/contribute to Chinese society they don’t eat, furthermore, there’s no guaranteed pension for mom and dad, the pension for most Chinese people is based on the success of their children.

No, I don’t believe in pensions, if you’re a conservative who believes in a government pension, you too are missing the point I’m making. It’s not the governments’ job to steal from one group and give to another group. I remember having a conversation with a Canada Post employee who was enjoying the fruits of his pension. He worked 40 years for Canada Post and he said to me that he contributed $200 a month to his Defined Benefit plan pension, Now a Defined Benefit plan is void of any market fundamentals.

a Defined-benefit plans provide eligible employees guaranteed income for life when they retire. now let’s do some simple math here>>> $200 x 12 = $2,400, $2,400 x 40 = $96,000 in what universe can any person in 2021 survive on $96,000 for their entire lives? oh, oh I can answer that question, in a universe when the cost of living is COMING DOWN, not going up, a universe in which government is SHRINKING. GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WORK FOR FREE! government people sucker you into giving them more money and more power so your dumb ass can finance their lifestyle!

What makes the cost of living go up is growing the size of the government, the only way to shrink government is to educate people about how the economy functions. Canada is a democracy, let’s for argument’s sake say Canadians want a giant welfare State well at the very least don’t kill the golden goose that lays the golden eggs? I get all the abuses that China is involved in, but we need to take responsibility for our part in this. The article below, takes the reader on this unnecessary detour, blaming NAFTA and China for being allowed into the WTO.

These government bodies don’t matter, we could have easily stop China with a TARIFF, we don’t charge China a tariff, because we’re INCAPABLE of making these things ourselves, I remember in the 1990s going to America to buy clothes, why? Because I could buy way more and spend way less and remember that Canada has almost always had a lower-valued currency than the United States. My family did this before and after the GST by the way.

This problem accelerated via PIERRE TRUDEAU, all that socialism Pierre Trudeau burdened Canadians with had to be paid by Canada’s working classes as well as Canadian consumers. Universal Health Care as an example although administered provincially is a FEDERAL burden on the taxpayers, that private industry passes onto consumers.

I can go n and on about this stuff, this is why we need financial education in our schools because how the article below frames its argument is nothing new, the media has been creating narratives like this for Canadians to consume for decades now.

Donald Trump made the term “fake news” popular, but fake news has been happening since the invention of the television. The media likes to provide what it deems is nationalistic news that feeds into what it deems as popular culture. Why this is bad is that when crashes occur, what often happens is that people will double down on these bad socialist ideas, which in time leads to war!

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Interesting times ahead!