Study imagines Canada without immigration. It’s not pretty. – May 16, 2018

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I wonder when they’ll make a study about illegal immigration? I’m not really sure how they do these studies being that politics of the world can change at any moment. The world is experiencing an economic slowdown which was caused by Liberals and socialists having their way for the past 50 years. Since the end of World War 2 majority of the world opted for socialism in various forms and for the most part up to now it’s worked. A lot of wars had to get started but nonetheless, give credit where credit is due these socialist programs have produced

The downside to this socialist programs producing to the detriment of the private sector is that, incentives to have children or get married are being replaced with single parenthood. Christian morals are being replaced with Atheistic subjective morals and politicians often reflect the people they represent preah a message of present gratification for future debt. What this leads to from a financial standpoint is an economy based on consumption as demand is now controlled and regulated by the government.

These entrepreneurial spirit killing policies have for the most part turned a lot of Canadians into wanderers, searching for purposes in life as their options shrink because the cost to do business is rising, thus equating to an increase in the cost of living. When an individual is drowning in debt in a good country with a lot to offer the last thing they want to do is start a family. So of course in this atmosphere an immigrant who possible came from a worse economic situation would find happiness at least for 1 generation in Canada.

But whose to say immigrants will continue to want to come to Canada? In reality most immigrants only want to come to the big cities in Canada. The stats shown in this article show a severe economic flaw in the Canadian system.

Interesting times ahead